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Our press conference that brought together the leaders of the European parties Events, Press Releases Published 2017/12/20
Report of MENF meeting to Prague Events, Press Releases Published 2017/12/16
Don’t Let Brussels Force UK to Swallow A Brexit Poison Pill, US Commerce Secretary Tells MEP Janice Atkinson During Top Level Washington Meeting Press Releases Published 2017/12/06
Act Now To Curb Speeding EU Motorists On UK Roads, Says Janice Atkinson Independent MEP For South East England Press Releases Published 2017/10/09
EU Incapable Of Negotiating Post-Brexit Free Trade So We Should Leave Now And Start Negotiating Global Trade Deals Elsewhere, Says MEP Janice Atkinson. Press Releases Published 2017/10/09
Janice Atkinson, Independent MEP For SE England, Condemns Shameful Silence And Hypocrisy Of EU On Refuses Catalan Police Brutality Press Releases Published 2017/10/02
Janice Akinson, Independent MEP for South East England, Condemns Spanish Government Violence Against Its Own People Overt Catalan Referendum As She Warns Future EU Army Could Be Used Against Its Own Citizens Press Releases Published 2017/10/01
Janice Atkinson MEP Blasts John Lewis ‘Genderless’ Labelling Policy And Says It Will Cause Mental Health Issues To Spiral Among Confused Youngsters Press Releases Published 2017/09/04
Janice Atkinson, Independent MEP, Calls In Police Over BBC TV Broadcasts Showing Campaigners Dining Out On Illegal Drugs Dealt by Restaurant Press Releases Published 2017/08/24
Janice Atkinson, MEP Slams Labour Plans To Segregate Women On Trains To Halt Assaults Press Releases Published 2017/08/23
Janice Atkinson MEP Calls For Clampdown On EU Rules Which Resulted In The Death Of Polish Van Driver In Calais Press Releases Published 2017/06/20
“Happy Birthday Mr President – You’re Winning!” MEP Janice Atkinson Praises President For His Anti-Green Stand And For Shaking Up The Cosy Status Quo Press Releases Published 2017/06/14
Janice Atkinson MEP Quizzes Juncker On Jihadi Terror Suspect “Honoured By The EU” Press Releases Published 2017/06/08
Janice Atkinson MEP Welcomes President Trump´s Withdrawal From The Paris Climate Agreement. Press Releases Published 2017/05/31
MEP Janice Atkinson Calls For Ban On Left Wing Masked Warriors Who Bring Violence To Street Protests As Care Worker Who Once Attacked Nigel Farage Is Jailed Press Releases Published 2017/05/05
Marine Le Pen – A French President Who Would Ensure a Fair Brexit Deal For Britain Press Releases Published 2017/05/02
Brexit: Janice Atkinson MEP and colleagues question EU Commission on legality of moving EMA and other EU/UK agencies from UK Press Releases Published 2017/04/28
Janice Atkinson, Independent MEP, Demands UK Government Calls Time On The Brussels Gravy Train By Pulling Out All 78 MEPs Before Next Euro Elections Press Releases Published 2017/03/31
Press Release on Freedom Day Press Releases Published 2017/03/29