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MEP Janice Atkinson laughs at hurty letter from EU ‘important people’ to US Democrats Press Releases, TV, Radio, Press Published 2019/01/10
ENF Group in the EU Parliament do not support Brexit deal Press Releases Published 2018/11/15
Janice Atkinson will join Marine Le Pen on Saturday in Verdun Press Releases Published 2018/11/08
Janice Atkinson, Independent MEP and Vice President of Europe of Nations And Freedom Calls On EU Leaders To Reject PM’s Chequers Plan At Saltzburg Press Releases Published 2018/09/19
Build A Thousand Miles Of Walls Across Africa And Europe To Keep Out Six Million Waiting Migrants Press Releases Published 2018/07/05
In conversation with UK Freedom Fighters Press Releases, TV, Radio, Press Published 2018/06/06
Press conference on freedom of speech with Lauren Southern Make Europe Great TV, Press Releases Published 2018/03/15
WE ARE CLOSING THE BORDER ON THE WRONG PEOPLE: FREEDOM Of SPEECH IN THE UK Events, Press Releases, South Africa Published 2018/03/14
Italy’s Populist Vote For La Lega “An Earthquake” For The EU”, Says Janice Atkinson, MEP And Vice President of the Europe of Nations And Freedom Group Press Releases Published 2018/03/05
Welcoming the Vice-President of the Bulgarian Parliament, President of the Volya party Veselin Mareshki Press Releases Published 2018/03/01
Independent MEP Janice Atkinson Urges Boris Johnson To Act Now To Prevent Human Catastrophe In South Africa Press Releases, South Africa Published 2018/03/01
Proud to be British, this is the message that May should be delivering Press Releases Published 2018/02/27
My article in Hungary’s biggest conservative newspaper, Magyar Hirlap. Press Releases Published 2018/02/26
A wonderful homage to my friend Edouard Ferrand Events, Press Releases Published 2018/02/14
German media covers Janice`s South African event Press Releases, South Africa Published 2018/02/13
My letter, press released, to David Davis, Brexit Secretary, on why UK representation matters in the transition period Press Releases Published 2018/02/09
Press release on our conference on human rights in South Africa Press Releases, South Africa Published 2018/01/28
Sack The Bolton Wanderer and Put Farage Up Front As Lead Brexit Negotiato Press Releases Published 2018/01/15
Follow me on Facebook: Press Releases Published 2018/01/04