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Janice Atkinson MEP on Greece migrant camps visit Make Europe Great TV, Opinion Published 2016/05/27
Migrant aid groups bias Opinion Published 2016/05/20
Idomeni: migrants are not locked Opinion Published 2016/05/19
Greece: MEP Atkinson calls for immediate cuts in MSF funding Opinion Published 2016/05/19
Janice Atkinson: #ChinaMES means #EUdumping Opinion Published 2016/05/09
A Ukip Gauntlet – Come on Union Officials and members, reject the UAF and the Meritocratic London Labour Elite – Come and Talk to Ukip Opinion Published 2016/04/28
Forget Argentina; it’s the EU that will cost us the Falklands Opinion Published 2016/04/27
Who is responsible for migrants killed in the Med? Opinion Published 2016/04/19
Osborne’s Dodgy Dossier Opinion Published 2016/04/18
Previous waves of immigrants have brought the diversity that makes us great, but this is the tipping point Opinion Published 2016/04/18
Brussels attacks: Home Secretary – please act now to protect our UKBA staff by moving passport control Opinion Published 2016/03/22
MEP Atkinson writes to CofE head teacher re planned transgender day for 4 year olds Opinion Published 2016/03/17
Why US Republicans back Brexit Opinion Published 2016/03/11
Email to The Times’ correspondent Billy Kenber Opinion Published 2016/02/17
FREE and STRONG: another Europe is Possible Opinion Published 2016/01/30
Germany keeps sexual assault, harassment and rape by migrants off the agenda. Opinion Published 2016/01/20
Here’s why women should vote to leave the European Union Opinion Published 2016/01/07
Eurocrats finish early, migration committee squeezes in last meeting and Commission awards itself pay rise Opinion Published 2015/12/23
My letter to Donald Tusk ahead of the Council Meeting in Strasbourg Opinion Published 2015/12/16
Elimination of violence against women in the EU Opinion Published 2015/11/26