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Pro-Brexit MEP Hails Trump’s Policy on Britain, Possible Free Trade Deal Opinion Published 2017/01/27
Why the march of populism will be good for the world. My piece in the Washington Examiner. Opinion Published 2017/01/03
Independent MEP Janice Atkinson Lambasts Outgoing US Ambassador For Meddling And Attempting To Undermine Brexit Opinion Published 2016/12/15
Janice comments on the outcome of the G20 Summit Opinion Published 2016/12/05
Janice Atkinson MEP yesterday attended the vital Conference of Presidents to represent the UK´s interests in the first round of Brexit negotiations. Opinion Published 2016/12/01
Janice Atkinson Demands Fast-Track Queues and ‘Welcome Back’ Notices For UK Citizens at Britain’s Borders Opinion Published 2016/11/30
Subject: MEP Atkinson responds to Suzanne Evans’ slur Opinion Published 2016/11/21
Janice Atkinson, MEP, Calls On Europe To “Drain The Brussels Swamp” As Foreign Ministers Meet To Discuss the “Problems” Posed By Trump And Putin Opinion Published 2016/11/14
Janice Atkinson, MEP, Calls On Europe To “Drain The Brussels Swamp” Opinion Published 2016/11/14
Janice Atkinson says UK border security staff at Eurostar Paris and Brussels fear for a Jihadi attack Opinion Published 2016/09/15
My speech to Parliament on G20, bye bye Obama and watch out world here we com Opinion Published 2016/09/13
Janice Atkinson: MEP to face no action over receipt claim Opinion Published 2016/08/24
Former MEP cleared of fiddling expenses Opinion Published 2016/08/23
The European Parliament Needs a ‘United Right’ In Order To Stave Off The Forces of Mass Migration Opinion Published 2016/08/18
Calais Jungle shops face shut down as protesters set to hold demos at court tomorrow Opinion Published 2016/08/18
DEATH OF FREE SPEECH: EU blasted for ‘Orwellian’ crackdown on online criticism Opinion Published 2016/08/18
Grief-stricken Post-Brexit Snowflake Nonsense Opinion Published 2016/07/21
MEP Atkinson calls MSF to return EU funds Opinion Published 2016/06/17
MEP Atkinson: Albanian invasion by courtesy of the Schengen Opinion Published 2016/06/13
Beyond Brexit Publication in PFD format Opinion, TV, Radio, Press Published 2016/05/30