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Janice pleads with President Trump to visit London this week Opinion Published 2017/06/06
Janice on Trump and dumping of Paris Climate Accord Opinion Published 2017/05/31
My proposal to give the death penalty to terrorists has many silent supporters Opinion Published 2017/05/24
As Manchester bombing death toll rises, time for UK to bring back death penalty for terrorists Opinion Published 2017/05/23
Manchester – RIP. Now bring back the death penalty Opinion Published 2017/05/23
Why the European Right needs to unite Opinion Published 2017/05/09
Janice in Macron win, France’s loss Opinion Published 2017/05/08
Janice Atkinson Joins MEPS In Demanding Rapid USA Withdrawal From Paris Climate Accord To End Tyranny Green Industry Opinion Published 2017/04/20
Letter in The Spectator: Rod Liddle wonders how vodka gets into prisons, I tell him how Opinion Published 2017/04/12
Letter to The Spectator: The Rescue Racket (human rights industry) Opinion Published 2017/04/12
Letter to The Sun – standing up for Peter Alliss against the 67 Heinz variety feminazis Opinion Published 2017/04/12
Janice responds to FT/Michel Barnier hysterical claims about Brexit – busting the myths Opinion Published 2017/03/30
Janice: EU firearms directive should not be implemented in the UK Opinion Published 2017/03/14
Janice Atkinson on Supreme Court ruling Opinion Published 2017/03/13
Greece: MEP Atkinson calls for immediate cuts in funding to aid agencies Opinion Published 2017/03/10
Janice showing solidarity with CETA protesters outside EP Opinion Published 2017/02/15
Independent UK MEP Janice Atkinson, vice president of the ENF group in the European Parliament, condemns the legal challenge to plans to stem the flow of Syrian migrants into the UK Opinion Published 2017/02/10
Janice calls out her own MP for not supporting Art50 and Brexit Opinion Published 2017/02/08
Independent on Janice and Marine Le Pen, also clarifies Janice’s legal status. Opinion Published 2017/02/06
Calls On Europe’s Nation States To ‘Build A Wall Of Frigates’ To Stem Migrant Invasion From North Africa Opinion Published 2017/02/03