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EU leader Juncker called Britain a prickly “hedgehog” and says Ireland comes “first” Opinion Published 2018/10/09
The State of Our Disunion: The United Kingdom Opinion Published 2018/10/05
Transgenderism: How did the West allow the extremists to dictate this arena? Mrs Right’s World View, Opinion Published 2018/09/30
No he Khant – the failures of Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London (just this week’s tally) Opinion Published 2018/09/20
The UK’s Battle for Real Conservatism – Britain Needs to Reject Middle of the Road Mediocre Opinion, TV, Radio, Press, Uncategorised Published 2018/09/12
Janice on Voice of Europe Opinion Published 2018/07/22
Hijabs are alien to British culture and have no places in our schools Opinion Published 2018/07/04
Reverse Psychology: FIFA Warning Against Brexit Chants Backfires on Twitter Opinion Published 2018/06/25
From Our UK Adorable Deplorables: Brexit Update and Working to Make Britain Great Again| Opinion, TV, Radio, Press Published 2018/06/20
May`s ‘Got Another Card Up Her Sleeve’: UK MPs Plan to Block Brexi Opinion, TV, Radio, Press Published 2018/06/19
Janice vs the EU establishment: Macron, Syria and the Russians Opinion Published 2018/04/19
Story of a Brexiteer in Washington: We are trying to Make Europe Great Again! Opinion Published 2018/04/06
Croatia’s 4.28m people will have open access to the UK during transition and their PM insults 17.4m people Opinion Published 2018/03/23
UK mainstream media accused of misreporting Russian presidential election Opinion Published 2018/03/20
European impressed number of young voters in Russian presidential election Opinion Published 2018/03/20
Brexit resolution should not be voted on, just discussed Opinion, Parliament Speeches Published 2018/03/13
MP Fabricant is a bit of a fantasist over the populists that will bring down the EU Opinion Published 2018/03/08
Independent MEP Janice Atkinson Urges Boris Johnson To Act Now To Prevent Human Catastrophe In South Africa As ANC Prepares Constitutional Change To Seize Land And Property From White Property Owners Opinion, South Africa Published 2018/02/28
Can the EU survive the populist takeover Opinion Published 2018/02/24
How we can render returning jihadis stateless – Government opinion by QC Opinion Published 2018/02/22