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Janice Atkinson MEP Welcomes President Trump´s Withdrawal From The Paris Climate Agreement Press Releases Published 2017/05/31
Janice Atkinson MEP Welcomes President Trump´s Withdrawal From The Paris Climate Agreement. Press Releases Published 2017/05/31
My proposal to give the death penalty to terrorists has many silent supporters Opinion Published 2017/05/24
As Manchester bombing death toll rises, time for UK to bring back death penalty for terrorists Opinion Published 2017/05/23
Manchester – RIP. Now bring back the death penalty Opinion Published 2017/05/23
Why the European Right needs to unite Opinion Published 2017/05/09
Janice in Macron win, France’s loss Opinion Published 2017/05/08
MEP Janice Atkinson Calls For Ban On Left Wing Masked Warriors Who Bring Violence To Street Protests As Care Worker Who Once Attacked Nigel Farage Is Jailed Press Releases Published 2017/05/05
Marine Le Pen – A French President Who Would Ensure a Fair Brexit Deal For Britain Press Releases Published 2017/05/02
Brexit: Janice Atkinson MEP and colleagues question EU Commission on legality of moving EMA and other EU/UK agencies from UK Press Releases Published 2017/04/28
Janice Atkinson Joins MEPS In Demanding Rapid USA Withdrawal From Paris Climate Accord To End Tyranny Green Industry Opinion Published 2017/04/20
General Election reaction Media Published 2017/04/19
The UK is poised for a massive political realignment if Theresa May gets her general election Media Published 2017/04/19
Broadcasting House Review of Papers with Australian High Commissioner and LBC’s Shelagh Fogarty. Syria, Aintree, HRT and more… Media Published 2017/04/13
Letter in The Spectator: Rod Liddle wonders how vodka gets into prisons, I tell him how Opinion Published 2017/04/12
Letter to The Spectator: The Rescue Racket (human rights industry) Opinion Published 2017/04/12
Letter to The Sun – standing up for Peter Alliss against the 67 Heinz variety feminazis Opinion Published 2017/04/12
Brexit Bulletin: Discussion with my Flemish and Dutch colleagues on Article 50 Debate Make Europe Great TV Published 2017/04/10
Janice Atkinson, Independent MEP, Demands UK Government Calls Time On The Brussels Gravy Train By Pulling Out All 78 MEPs Before Next Euro Elections Press Releases Published 2017/03/31
Janice responds to FT/Michel Barnier hysterical claims about Brexit – busting the myths Opinion Published 2017/03/30