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Janice rejects Macron’s Calais mess. His mate Mutti Merkel and Macron should close their borders Opinion, TV, Radio, Press Published 2018/01/17
Make Europe Great Again Make Europe Great TV Published 2018/01/16
Sack The Bolton Wanderer and Put Farage Up Front As Lead Brexit Negotiator Press Releases Published 2018/01/15
Janice Atkinson Calls For Deportation Of Dating Site Bomb Plotters Who Planned UK Christmas Carnage Opinion Published 2018/01/10
Political review of 2017 Make Europe Great TV Published 2018/01/10
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London Needs A Mayor To Kick Out Fiddler Khan And Save Lives Opinion Published 2018/01/04
The future that will save Europe Events, Opinion Published 2017/12/20
Our press conference that brought together the leaders of the European parties Events, Press Releases Published 2017/12/20
May “caving in” to Brussels’ demands Opinion Published 2017/12/20
Poland: Article 7 versus Article 50 Opinion Published 2017/12/20
Report of MENF meeting to Prague Events, Press Releases Published 2017/12/16
On Brexit talks ahead of EU Summit Make Europe Great TV Published 2017/12/13
Janice ATKINSON MEP on Brexit talks Make Europe Great TV Published 2017/12/12
Don’t Let Brussels Force UK to Swallow A Brexit Poison Pill, US Commerce Secretary Tells MEP Janice Atkinson During Top Level Washington Meeting Press Releases Published 2017/12/06
MEPs question Verhofstadt’s credibility in Brexit talks Make Europe Great TV Published 2017/12/04
Welcome Trump To The UK As Our Greatest Ally And Defender Of Our Values, Demands Independent MEP Janice Atkinson Opinion Published 2017/12/01
Janice Atkinson MEP on migrants in Lesbos Make Europe Great TV Published 2017/11/30
Atkinson condems land grabs in South Africa Make Europe Great TV, South Africa Published 2017/11/29
On EU and Irish border issue Make Europe Great TV Published 2017/11/28