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My interview about the EU and me Opinion Published 2018/02/19
South Africa reaches Austrian media Opinion, South Africa Published 2018/02/19
A wonderful homage to my friend Edouard Ferrand Events, Press Releases Published 2018/02/14
Oxfam and all politically charged left wing campaign groups have to be disbanded Opinion Published 2018/02/13
German media covers Janice`s South African even Press Releases, South Africa Published 2018/02/13
My letter, press released, to David Davis, Brexit Secretary, on why UK representation matters in the transition period Press Releases Published 2018/02/09
AltNewsMedia interview on lifting the Brussels dirty lid Opinion Published 2018/02/08
Why isn`t EU discussing human rights abuses in South Africa? Parliament Speeches, South Africa Published 2018/02/07
Janice Atkinson MEP on EU Asylum policy and quotas at Strasbourg EP plenary session Make Europe Great TV Published 2018/02/06
Janice Atkinson, MEP on South Africa Make Europe Great TV, South Africa Published 2018/02/06
MEGA TV Episode 3: South Africa future depends on respect of human rights Make Europe Great TV, South Africa Published 2018/02/05
Last night in Calais, do we want these murdering, lawless thugs in our countries? Opinion Published 2018/02/02
Mrs May`s absolute failure, no taxation without representation Make Europe Great TV Published 2018/02/02
Atkinson: South Africa`s future depends on respect of human rights Opinion, South Africa Published 2018/02/01
Janice on Sputnik radio on Macron, May, Calais and the solutions Media, TV, Radio, Press Published 2018/02/01
Our conference on the political situation in South Africa Events, Make Europe Great TV, South Africa Published 2018/02/01
Press release on our conference on human rights in South Africa Press Releases, South Africa Published 2018/01/28
SA2018EU: Conference on South Africa challenges Events, Opinion, South Africa Published 2018/01/26
Some humans` rights matter more than others Events, South Africa Published 2018/01/23
Janice Atkinson MEP on Macron, Calais and useless Mogherini in Cuba Make Europe Great TV Published 2018/01/18