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My letter to the Prime Minister Opinion Published 2018/11/01
The European Union Parliament passed a motion this week to demand member-states ban ‘neo-fascist’ parties and groups and have intelligence agencies fully co-operate with ‘anti-racism’ NGOs. Opinion Published 2018/10/29
EU Parliament Passes Resolution Demanding Ban of ‘Neo-Fascist’ Groups, Lists Identitarian Movement Opinion Published 2018/10/29
Italy’s Interior Minister did in a few months what the EU couldn’t do in four years: reduce migration Mrs Right’s World View, Opinion Published 2018/10/27
‘We Need Prime Minister That Will Stand Up for Global Britain’, MEP Says Opinion Published 2018/10/18
Interview with the Bulgarian Trump: “We have to unite to save our countries from the madness of current EU leaders” Opinion Published 2018/10/16
Tommy Robinson’s Letter from Prison in Full Opinion Published 2018/10/13
My letter to Marks and Spencer and their flaky response Opinion Published 2018/10/12
Freedom of political thought is being shut down as extremism in Britain Mrs Right’s World View, Opinion Published 2018/10/11
EU leader Juncker called Britain a prickly “hedgehog” and says Ireland comes “first” Opinion Published 2018/10/09
Before being outvoted, leftist MEPs want to introduce a deeply damaging migration policy in Europe Make Europe Great TV, Uncategorised Published 2018/10/08
The State of Our Disunion: The United Kingdom Opinion Published 2018/10/05
Transgenderism: How did the West allow the extremists to dictate this arena? Mrs Right’s World View, Opinion Published 2018/09/30
No he Khant – the failures of Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London (just this week’s tally) Opinion Published 2018/09/20
Janice Atkinson, Independent MEP and Vice President of Europe of Nations And Freedom Calls On EU Leaders To Reject PM’s Chequers Plan At Saltzbur Press Releases Published 2018/09/19
The UK’s Battle for Real Conservatism – Britain Needs to Reject Middle of the Road Mediocre Opinion, TV, Radio, Press, Uncategorised Published 2018/09/12
Janice on Voice of Europe Opinion Published 2018/07/22
Build A Thousand Miles Of Walls Across Africa And Europe To Keep Out Six Million Waiting Migrants Press Releases Published 2018/07/05
Hijabs are alien to British culture and have no places in our schools Opinion Published 2018/07/04
MEGA TV episode 9: Conversation with Tom Dupre from Generation Identity, UK Make Europe Great TV Published 2018/07/02