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Reflections from the UAE where I was last week Opinion Published 2015/11/24
Britain and Europe: The Lessons from History Opinion Published 2015/11/10
MEP Janice Atkinson: why we have a shortage of training places for nurses. Opinion Published 2015/10/29
I’m a quitter, a doomsayer, a fully paid up member of Xenophobic Little England. Excellent. This is the language used against us Brexit folk by the ‘In’ campaign Opinion, Parliament Speeches Published 2015/10/21
Time to stand up to the French on Calais Opinion Published 2015/09/17
Postcard from Calais Opinion Published 2015/09/15
Reparations for Empire? Let’s ask instead who wrecked Britain Opinion Published 2015/08/04
Believe me, the EU isn’t going to fix migration Opinion Published 2015/08/03
Breaking into Britain: They’re already here Opinion Published 2015/08/03
‘Working with the French’ on Calais: Try Marine Opinion Published 2015/07/29
Luxembourg’s EU Presidency doomed to failure Opinion Published 2015/07/10
Queen or Caliphate Opinion Published 2015/07/03
It’s Daesh, not ISIS Opinion Published 2015/06/29
Janice Atkinson MEP outlines priorities Opinion Published 2015/06/23
Greece deserves Grexit Opinion Published 2015/06/19
Janice Atkinson MEP allies with Marine Le Pen MEP to launch Europe of Nations and Freedom Events, Press Releases Published 2015/06/17