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My correspondence with the EU Ambassador to South Africa on failing to address violations of human rights Latest, South Africa Published 2018/06/20
Janice´s microphone cut off in plea for Tommy Robinson Latest, Parliament Speeches Published 2018/06/19
Janice Atkinson, MEP, Slams Home Secretary For ‘Shutting Down Free Speech And Closing Borders To The Wrong People’ By Barring UK Entry To Young Populist Campaigners Latest, Media, TV, Radio, Press Published 2018/04/18
EU Asylum policy is wrong Archive, EU Blog, Latest Published 2016/05/18
Schengen is a failed project Archive, EU Blog, Latest Published 2016/05/18
China’s market economy status to remove millions of EU jobs Archive, EU Blog, Latest Published 2016/05/18
TTIP damages to UK economy Archive, EU Blog, Latest Published 2016/05/18
Brexit positive impact on UK Fishery Archive, EU Blog, Latest Published 2016/05/18
DOVER RIOTS: Go home Diane Abbott, take your Marxist friends and the hate-filled Nazis with you too Latest Published 2016/01/30
Following today’s pitched battle with Kent police Latest Last Modified 2016/01/30
I challenged Mr Juncker to apply for next Bond movie. Problem is he’d have to report UK gov, not the EU – My Speech on EU snooping powers in Strasbourg Latest Published 2015/10/29
Janice Atkinson MEP: The European Parliament fails to stand up for British Interests Latest Published 2015/10/28
Janice Atkinson MEP responds to Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk on the Migrant Crisis Latest Published 2015/10/06
Janice Atkinson: Against EU Migrant Quotas Latest Published 2015/09/11
Remarks alongside Marine Le Pen on Europe’s migrant crisis Latest Published 2015/09/09
My visit to Calais to broadcast live from the BBC Studio in place des Armes Latest Published 2015/09/04
Merkel breaks migration rules Latest Published 2015/08/26
Beware Conservative complacency abroad Latest Published 2015/08/25
European Nations awaken to the Migrant Crisis Latest Published 2015/08/21
Boot-camps? Try home truths Latest Published 2015/08/18