Following today’s pitched battle with Kent police

Following today’s pitched battle with Kent police, Janice Atkinson, MEP for Kent and south east England, watched with horror as the Marxists and Fascists masked their faces and rioted in her county.
She said: “This is the result of not being able to control our borders, the nasty face of Fascism rears its head, with MP Abbott leading the charge.
“How dare she, the Greens, the Socialist Workers Party and the Fascists, take advantage of a country unable to control its borders.  The cultural identity of nations has evolved over centuries and cannot just be jettisoned by a sudden invasion of alien cultures, whether sanctioned by Brussels or not.
“The seeds of civil war are being sown for our children to reap. This clash of civilisations needs to be addressed and I will be leading the charge in Strasbourg on Monday.
“Get back to Hackney Ms Abbott and take your nasty friends with you.  And Nazis, you have no place in our culture, go home.
“Our police have had severe cuts.  They should be looking after us, stopping crime and policing our borders, not policing a load of cosy, middle class masked protestors.
“My father fought on the Russian Convoys for our freedoms, these people demean and undermine our fathers’ efforts”. ENDS
Editors’ notes:
During the 2014 European elections Janice had police protection and security personnel against Greens, Labour and the hard Left.
This week in Milan with her European MEP partners, she had armed guards outside her hotel; had police protection to and from rally venue and again at a restaurant, against hard Left protestors.  She is angry. Her father fought on the Russian convoys for our freedoms, they are being eroded by the Left.
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