MEP Janice Atkinson: “The European elections are taking a nasty turn for the worse”


MEP candidates are being attacked with milk shakes from burger chains. It makes a good photograph. The Left laugh, ‘it’s only a milk shake’, the MSM smirk, most encourage the attacks because the Right are inhuman and hateful. It’s ok to direct your hate at the Right with no fear of recourse.

The commentators from the Left have taken years to condemn the violence, just realising in this election week that their silence and attacks drive more people to vote for the anti establishment and Brexit parties. I don’t think it’s real condemnation, just political expediency.

Whether it’s Tommy Robinson, Nigel Farage or UKIP candidates, it’s unacceptable.


Last week the Muslim Defence League attacked Robinson and his followers of families, including children, with bricks and other heavy objects. It was only when videos emerged that the police decided to act. Let’s imagine the reaction if the attackers were white skinheads against Muslims.

Political violence from the Left is out of control.

In 2016, days before the Brexit referendum, Labour MP, Jo Cox was killed by a deeply disturbed man.

Everyone was horrified. This should have been the attack to condemn and stop all other attacks.  Yet it didn’t because the Left won’t condemn their foot soldiers. They instead stepped up the campaign against the right by inventing faux phobias.

The Conservatives were attacked during the 2017 General Election, incited by Labour’s Marxist shadow chancellor, John McDonnell, who said that Tory candidates should have their meetings disrupted and not allowed to speak.

When attending the Labour Party conference in 2017 the BBC’s female political editor was threatened so the BBC hired bodyguards. And a Jewish MP feared for her safety and she too hired bodyguards. You see, the feral Left are getting bolder.

When I stood as an MEP candidate in 2014 Antifa were just cutting their teeth by demonstrating outside venues with the feral Left calling little old ladies in their 80s attending my meetings Fascist scum and Nazis. We were spat at and threatened.  No one stood up for us.

The police, rather than deal with the aggressors, asked us to cancel our meetings. We refused.

Since 2014, soft political violence has taken been working to stop the libertarians, real conservatives and so-called populists.

Eurosceptic parties are ‘investigated’ by the EU. No such transgressions are investigated by the federalists who misuse funds.

Farage’s Brexit party is under fire from the establishment with accusations and slurs about donors.

Small Remain parties are given airtime on MSM, the BBC ignoring all bias accusations and its Charter by giving platforms to insignificant Remain nobodies. This too is a form of biased political violence against the taxpayers who are forced to pay a licence fee tax.

The soft violence continues across Europe.

In Austria, footage of a meeting between the FPO’s leader, Strache and ‘Russians’ has miraculously emerged just this week.

The political persecution of Marine Le Pen and her MEPs continues in France and in Brussels by her rivals.

The UN interferes with Italy’s migration policies.

To criticise George Soros’s interference in Brexit, EU elections, the US and all EU states is a slur on a Demi God, not an interfering, anti Democratic, anti Western globalist. Oh, and your comments against him are condemned as ‘anti Semitic tropes’.  The Left believe they are so clever when Tweeting this nonsense.

The EU has tried sanctioning the democratically elected Polish and Hungarian governments. This too is political violence.

The Left has had its day, the violence and intimidation hasn’t worked.This week will see the Euro sceptics triumph, the peoples of Europe will tell the globalists and the Left that they’re fed up with an agenda that no one voted for.

I suggest to the Left and the faux Conservatives too, stop peddling the hate crime laws, stop shutting down criticism of Islam as fake ‘Islamophobia’, stop condemning people who think the whole transgender rights trumping others is transphobia and start reacting to the violence on our streets, whether it’s knuckleheads with milk shakes or yobs with racist placards preventing meetings taking place – tomorrow it could embolden them to try a brick, a knife or a bomb.

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f: Janice Atkinson

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