UK: Janice Atkinson quizzes MORE clueless “Remainers”

Last week, the “Put it to the People” anti-Brexit marchers in London lied about their numbers. So I decided to put up another video that shows just how clueless the loudest Remainers are about the EU:

Remainers show their true colours by not voting in EU elections, to not understanding who funds our NHS and education systems and being unaware that there really is going to be an EU army.

Enjoy — but you’ll watch and weep that so many people are so ignorant while at the same time wrapping themselves in foreign flags…

Join me on Friday, March 29 as we Brexiteers come together in London to tell Members of Parliament what they’re giving us isn’t the Brexit we voted for in 2016.

We are supposed to leave the European Union at 11pm this Friday, but Theresa May and the Conservative Party have chosen to deliver us a #BrexitBetrayal.

Starting at 3pm at Parliament Square, we will have speakers, Members of the European Parliament who support our decision and films.

Come and join us and express your dissatisfaction of the way our political class is betraying us.

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