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“Imam of Peace” Mohammed Tawhidi: Islamic reform “will have to start from the West”

“The guy that convinced you to blow yourself up would have blown himself up first, if it was true…”

Mohammed Tawhidi, better known as “the Imam of Peace,” is a prolific writer, media commentator, and advisor to governments.

With a remarkable 327,000 Twitter followers, Tawhidi spreads his message that Islam must be reformed in order to survive.

Most recently, he shared photographs of his visit to Auschwitz, after being the first Shia imam to ever visit that notorious Nazi death camp.

Naturally, Tawhidi’s calls for reform and openness have attracted criticism, and even death threats.

Born in Iran, Tawhidi moved to Iraq, graduated in Islamic studies and was pronounced an iman by Grand Ayatollah Sayid Sadiq Shirazi in 2010.

He then moved to Australia and founded the Islamic Association of South Australia.

“I’m the type of immigrant who came legally,” Tawhidi tells me, before describing today’s migrants, many of whom “go back on holiday” from the countries they fled.

In our wide-ranging conversation, I asked him whether or not Islam can be reformed, but also about more relatively mundane matters:

Should Western female leaders wear headscarves when they visit Muslim countries?

Should Muslim men be encouraged to shake their hands?

His answers might surprise you…

Tawhidi offered suggestions on the best way for the West to confront the extremists in its midst, explains why “halal certification” is a moneymaking scheme that’s often linked to international terrorism, and speaks candidly about the opposition he’s received from fellow Muslims, as well as authorities in the West.

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