Brexit Doesn’t Mean Brexit, a Сall to Action

The Commons once again this week belittled itself as the home of democracy in front of the world. Yet again, our allies and enemies watched with fascination and a little toe curling, the twists and turns of our hapless MPs who are refusing to deliver the will of the people.

May’s lack of leadership gave MPs the chance to decide what they think the country wants in a number of indicative votes. They couldn’t even get that right.

Labour didn’t want to be seen as overturning Brexit and wanting to Remain at any price. They had their chance to seize control and blew it, thankfully.

We have elected people who do not want to take control. They have ceded powers to Brussels for over 40 years; they don’t know how to govern.

The Commons is stuffed full of gender quota women whose only achievement is a third class degree in wimmin’s studies or a researcher’s job as an MP’s assistant.

The men have had a similar route, either as human rights industry lawyers; bankers on a pay-off; family money or have had safe seats handed to them because of donations to their respective parties.

The Lords is stuffed full of party apparatchiks whose only jobs ditto those of the Commons’ MPs.

They have hidden themselves away for decades, cosseted by comfortable offices, staff, expenses and deference. Every five years or so, they cut themselves away from cosy chats at the local WI, fete openings and a photo op with some good cause in their constituencies and have to go on the campaign trail for the general election. One hundred and twenty of them face churn by being ousted in marginal seats.

They should be very worried. But are they? Under our first-past-the-post system, those 120 MPs will still face churn, but who does the electorate turn to?

The first test will be the May local elections where many independents will stand. From the young mum who wants to stand for various local issues to those standing on Brexit platforms.  Vote for them; do not vote for the main parties, they have let you down. There is every chance you can elect a Brexit councillor, even if it is on a low turnout.  This will shake the main parties to their core.

We know that the Conservatives have had a grassroots revolt and are not delivering leaflets.  Labour is so discredited in the North because of their leadership on Brexit. Your chance to seize control at a local level is waiting.

Meanwhile in Westminster, May’s offer of resignation to get her non-Brexit Withdrawal Agreement (WA) over the line may or may not be backed. First, she must face down the most ardent of Remainers, Speaker Bercow. She can do this by taking control and issuing prerogative powers. This is the nuclear option, particularly if her WA agreement still doesn’t pass.


If that happened in normal circumstances a general election would be called. But May does not want to go down in history of the leader of the decimation of the Conservative party and Labour — although they call for a general election — would also be traduced at the polls, resulting in another hung parliament.

So What Now?

May says international law trumps ours and therefore Art50 can be extended. Bercow says EU law trumps ours so Art50 can be extended. They are both saying the same thing. At least Bercow is being honest by saying EU law trumps ours, May using the term ‘international law’ is deliberately misleading the House and the people, as the Conservative party Europhiles have always done.

Legally, we can still leave tomorrow, 29th March. To stop this May has to pass the Statutory Instrument through both Houses. It can be filibustered in the Lords but I wonder how many of them are prepared to do this?

Notwithstanding the above, our ‘leaders’ tell us that they have until 12th April to come up with something, otherwise, we will leave without a deal or, more likely, May will seek a long extension to Art50 and the UK’s membership of the EU.

What will May then do? Resign; take us unto a general election, EU elections?

All of that is on the table.

Or, there is an alternative.

Let’s take back control of Brexit.

If you’ve had enough of the above and want to express your dissatisfaction of the way our Prime Minister, government and MPs have handled this whole process, join me and thousands of others tomorrow in Parliament Square from 3 pm for film screenings and speeches from MEPs and EU leaders, between 5-7pm, we will show you the way.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Sputnik.


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