MPs: You Are Narcissistic, Leadership Ambulance Chasing, Double Crossing Frauds

Our politicians have spent the last couple of decades opining the loss of trust in politicians, urging people to vote, to take part in the democratic process, to have their say, we are listening, your voice matters.

And they did, bless them. In the largest plebiscite, ever, the voters placed their trust in politicians, ticked the ballot box to leave the EU and a year later they did it again by voting for parties that all promised to deliver Brexit (apart from the loon fringe).

Nearly three years on, Westminster and its civil servants disgust me and the electorate. They were elected by us, the people. We told them what to do. The overwhelming majority of people just want them to get on with it and deliver Brexit, even the BBC cannot find people to dissent from that view in their vox pops.

We think they’re a bunch of self-serving, narcissistic, leadership ambulance chasing, double-crossing frauds.
You have destroyed our faith in the system of representative democracy of our country.

It started at the tail end of 1997 with the hapless, dying and sex-obsessed Major government.

The people were duped again. In 1997, we were led to believe that things could only get better. An actual soundbite from a song turned people’s heads, they had hope again. The singer of that song, Prof Brian Cox, is still on the stage trying to stop Brexit…. stating that “… causes of Brexit were not in general anything to do with the EU”.

In 2010 Cameron went into coalition with Nick ‘an EU army is a dangerous fantasy’ Clegg. He now advises Facebook on ‘fake news’ and how to manipulate the stupid electorate and politicians to the media giant’s will. They are shutting down conservative voices.

Cameron changed the Conservative party so that they were made in his image: social democrats. He purged the party of Brexit supporting, border controlling MPs/candidates.

Feted by the MSM, MP Cameron clones, like Soubry, Allen, Grieve, Hammond, Lee, Boles, Clarke, Clark, Gyimah, and many more have reneged on their manifesto commitments, so much so that their brave Conservative associations are now holding de-selection meetings.

We hear others are either abstaining or voting for May’s deal ahead of re-selection meetings. CCHQ is trying to defer association meetings until after March 29th. I cheer them on.

No one believes in the sincerity of Cameron clones, Javid and Hunt, former Remain, turned faux Brexiteers, because of political expediency and ambulance chasing.

Other so-called Brexiteers like Gove, Davis and Boris are now backing May’s deal, or they were yesterday, today they might not, depending on what the leadership focus groups are saying.

Former Brexiteer, McVey, has been bribed with £21m for her constituency; the DUP have been told they can have a seat at the table for EU trade deal negotiations and a large lump of cash for their region.

The public see this.

Lack of trust doesn’t stop in the English channel, hidden by the joyous fantasy that we are in control of our borders.

I travel extensively. I don’t sit in my ivory tower in Brussels. Across Europe there is a battle for the very soul and future of the EU because 500m people have lost faith in the EU’s federalist, open borders, mass migration, high taxation, fantasy gender driven policies.

Merkel has fallen, wounded by her own party as well as the electorate.

Macron is falling but still finds time to ski with the missus and jet around European capitals to foster his ambitions, rather than seeking a consensus ahead of this week’s EU Council meeting to talk about Brexit. In the meantime, his major cities burn with rioting and his blackshirt police maim France’s citizens.

For five years the EU has pushed an agenda that is anathema to its electorate.

Who voted for mass migration leading to our towns and cities becoming alien places to Jews and women?

Who voted for the gender agenda where LGB has now become LGBTQi. Where we cannot criticise men who chop off their penises, take a few hormones and think they are women and entitled to share our bathrooms, women-only spaces like changing rooms and sexually assault women in prisons? This is very niche but has become a no go for discourse.

Who wants to listen to a debate in the EU about violence on women where politicians put this down to the lack of dusting and hoovering by men in the home (yes, it really happens).

Who voted for policies that make freedom of expression a ‘hate crime’. It was one of the first things that Blair did when elected. It has extensive tentacles throughout the EU which is passing legislation, led by UK socialist MEP, Richard Corbett, to curtail free speech and limit voters’ cash to ‘populist’ parties (those elected by the people).

Who accepts that to criticise a religion is an attack on a race? ‘Islamophobia’ was created to beat the people who want to debate Islam in our society; integration; education; burkas; the treatment of women; FGM; language and Sharia law. If you raise it, you are ‘far right’.

Some commentators say that the people get the politicians they deserve. I don’t believe that.

The people of Belgium didn’t vote for ex-prime minister and now MEP, Guy Verhofstadt, to trouser €1.4m in extra earnings as a ‘consultant’, whilst pushing through damaging taxation on the rest of us.

They didn’t vote at all for the President of the Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, the ex-prime minister of Luxembourg who resigned in disgrace over tax scandals in Luxembourg where global companies paid little or no tax, in an offshore, onshore EU state. Yet this is the man who backs a financial transaction tax; more green crap taxes and direct EU taxation. I have no problem with low taxation states — I’d love Britain to become an offshore European Singapore — I just hate the hypocrisy of those trying to absolve themselves of past sins by making the rest of us pay.

2019 will be the year that democracy died in Britain if May doesn’t ditch her bad deal and go to WTO on 29th March.

2019 will be the year that the Labour party dies or ditches Comrade Corbyn for his anti-Semitism and backing the prosecution of ‘Soldier F’ a loyal member of Her Majesty’s armed forces while Blair’s involvement in the Good Friday Agreement effectively gave an amnesty to IRA killers.

2019 will be the year the people of Europe take back control. It will be ironic if the EU is set free of the federalists while we’re still shackled to ours.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessaruly reflect those of Sputnik.

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