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“Two migrants attacked our car”: Janice Atkinson in Ouistreham, France

The migrants in Ouistreham are angry. They are being told by the people smugglers and charities that Brexit will stop their passage. All lies.


Brexit does not have mean some imaginary border will pop up on March 29. If only.

Migrants are increasingly desperate. We were threatened earlier in the day when we tried to interview them, so we retreated to our car.

I believe they clocked the number plate, because at 10pm, we were on our way back to the hotel — 200 metres from the town centre, where at least 100 migrants camp in trees and by the canal — when out of nowhere two migrants attacked our car.

They kicked the doors, thumped the windows and tried opening the doors.

Yes, we were taken by surprise but our driver sped up and got us out of the situation.

What was more shocking were the two gendarmes just standing metres from us with their arms folded watching our attackers. They did nothing.

As we took evasive action to get back to our hotel, one other migrant was seen running around the car. We think he was trying to head us off for his friends. We sped up again.

As we approached the hotel perimeter, again we took evasive action because we had to make sure that the attackers hadn’t called their comrades who were camped outside of our hotel.

The migrants are breaking into British cars and lorries and attacking people. The police could arrest them on criminal charges and deport them. But they never do. It was the gendarmerie and politicians that told us the orders were from Macron.

If Macron took his role seriously as a politician, a good European, a good neighbour and a good friend, our countries would be safer places.

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