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Invasion IRONY: African migrants camp in WWII bunkers on Normandy beaches

When people think of the migrant crisis, they often think about the Calais Jungle. What few people realize is that once the Jungle was destroyed by French authorities, many of those migrants simply decamped to smaller, lesser known French ports.

One of those small ports is Ouistreham. Located as it is just minutes from the D-Day landing beaches, Ouistreham was until recently best known as a destination for World War II veterans and history buffs.

But now, Ouistreham is more or less occupied by migrants.

I tried to speak with some of them, and curiously, I only found young African men hanging around the town — no Pakistanis, no Afghans and definitely no Syrians.

Their aggression was palpable, even though the international charities that advocate for their every “need” have briefed migrants on how to avoid, or scare off, nosy journalists.

But some did agree to talk to me…

I also spoke with several local business owners; one hotelier told me that since the migrants descended on Ouistrehambusiness had dropped by up to 50 per cent. Women can’t walk alone at night;the sexual crimes have skyrocketed, as have robberies.

The migrants prowl the streets looking to enter cars, trucks or anything bound for the UK.

And the police can do nothing…

Here in the Normandy area, at the close of World War II, hundreds of thousands of our brave young men lost their lives liberating France from the Nazis.

I paid my respects at the nearby Canadian allied forces cemetery, pondering the sacrifice of these brave men — and the lunacy of today’s open borders fanatics in Brussels, are determined to destroy our hard won culture and way of life.

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