Party Against the People, for the Frustrated, Angry and Disloyal

This week saw the formation of a parliamentary protest group, the so-called Independent Group, made up of angry, frustrated and disloyal MPs.

They should have called themselves the Party Against the People as it is rabidly anti-Brexit and anti-democracy, with most of the rag tag MPs jumping ship before facing de-selection by their own parties.

The people voted to become independent of the European Union, yet these pygmies with egos the size of Europe, have only one thing in common — to stop Brexit.

There is one exception, Luciana Berger, the pregnant Jewish MP who has been attacked for being Jewish. I can understand why she left the Labour party.

These middle class Tory turncoats, Soubry, Allen and Woollaston despise the voters, despise their country, despise democracy and despise the largest ever plebiscite this country has ever seen.

They want a second referendum but are not courageous enough to call a by-election, to stand by their convictions that they were right, we were all lied to and to prove to the country that they are right. Because they will lose. They want to retain their salaries and perks and to cause as much damage to our country with their divisive and spiteful politics as they can.

No one had ever heard of Allen before she joined the People’s Vote. On her 2017 election website, she declared: “we must respect the democratic outcome of the referendum and work positively together to ensure we make Brexit a success”. On the day of the 2017 election, she tweeted, “I was a Remainer, but the EU ref result is final and cannot be re-run”.

Soubry, barrister and former TV reporter, refuses to resign to fight a by-election because she thinks the last thing this country needs is another election… quite outstandingly arrogant.

Woollaston campaigned for Leave and then post referendum she defected to Remain, after stating that an MPs job is to implement the result. If we were so dim that we voted Brexit, what’s the judgement on her?

In 2010 she said: “(People) sense that unelected quangos and Europe have more of a say than our own Parliament. I want to see greater power for local communities and responsibility repatriated from Europe”. This was the line-to-take for Conservatives to sound Eurosceptic, duping their UKIP leaning voters. Cameron played this game.

On her 2017 election web page she stated: “Theresa May has confirmed that the Government will not seek to be in the single market. She has also been clear that no deal is better than a bad deal”.

Woollaston, Soubry and Allen are the reason people no longer trust politicians. This is why the Tories were no longer trusted on the EU and UKIP rose so fast.

When I was on the Conservative candidates’ A list and stood for election in a key target seat I was called into Tory HQ and threatened to be kicked off the list if I offered a referendum or even spoke about Europe.

I left the Tory party because of their lies on the EU and immigration.

This “Independent Group” is no such thing. They are the elites, the middle classes who have an aversion to the working classes. They want to force people to think again by having a People’s Vote and obey the Remain MPs, institutions funded by the EU such as the BBC and the CBI, the European Commission and liberal left leaders of European countries, because they know best.

These three complain of “entryism” ie outsiders joining the Tory party to push them out. At their news conference when asked the question of where, who, when about entryism, woollie Woollaston answered, “a well-funded social media campaign” and “threatening calls”.

The only ‘entryism’ that I can see was these fake conservatives becoming Conservative MPs when Cameron was casting around for social democrats to decontaminate his party.

They have done the Conservative party a service. By resigning they have started the decontamination process.

If these women cannot cope with criticism from a very let down and, in some cases, angry electorate, then they shouldn’t be in their jobs.

Commentators think there is space on the middle ground for a ‘centrist’ party. No there is not. We have got the Conservative party occupying that spot, and I am sure Labour will re-join them once they’ve got rid of Corbyn.

Polling has shown that there is space for a right wing, low taxation, pro-Brexit, pro-sovereignty, controlling immigration, tough on crime and a pride in Global Britain party. That is yet to emerge.

Brexit was about leaving the EU but it was also a clear message to the ruling elite that they were fed up with the direction of the country on sovereignty, borders, migration, jobs, public services and MPs living in inaccessible gilded towers.

The decontamination needs to continue with the resignations of Hammond, Boles, Grieve, Clark, Lee and every MP who is campaigning for a People’s Vote or against a No Deal Brexit.

The people of their constituencies deserve a People’s Vote on their Independent MPs.

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