‘Stansted 15’ Sentences for Terrorism Makes Us All Unsafe

Last week, a group of criminals called the ‘Stansted 15’ were sentenced for breaking into a secure airport and locking themselves around a chartered plane set to deport illegal immigrants to prevent its departure from Stansted. They were convicted under terrorism laws.

You would think they would have received a custodial sentence, no?

They received community service sentences. Basically, sentenced to a bit of sweeping up or gardening.

This country’s judicial system is a joke.

Leading up to the trial the left-wing media screeched: ‘a crushing blow for human rights in UK’ (Amnesty Intl)‘ ‘grave injustice’ and ‘malicious attack’ (Liberty), ‘controversial government charter deportation’ ‘convict the Stansted 15 will chill public’ and so on.

Over the past few years we have seen multiple attempts by social justice warriors to disrupt flights at UK major airports, whether its climate change scam pickets or making our country unsafe by stopping deportations.

This time these warriors are being charged with the more serious crime of endangering the safe operation/persons of an/at an aerodrome under the Aviation and Maritime Security Act, under terrorism related charges. Good, at last we thought our government was getting serious.

They were trying to prevent this country carrying out our laws so that the undocumented illegal immigrants were removed to Nigeria, Ghana and Sierre Leone.

Before sentencing, the BBC’s Today programme dedicated a whole segment to the trial and what kind of sentence would be handed down. The law under which they were convicted can carry a life sentence. The BBC’s chief reporter asked a lawyer whether this was likely. The tame lawyer replied, ‘highly unlikely’. A podcast interview with two of the convicted criminals is available for download. No doubt it will also be fed to the young audience the BBC is trying to attract via podcasts.

Who remembers when Tommy Robinson was arrested and charged with subverting the course of justice for the same crime? And jailed. Where was Amnesty International and Liberty?

There is no difference. Why is there one rule for the BBC and left-wing activism, disguised as journalism, and one rule for journalist Robinson?

These convicted criminals broke into an airport where armed officers were removed from security duties in the terminal to be deployed for this farce, making the airport more vulnerable at a time when the UK terrorism threat level was classed a ‘severe’. I travel a lot. I feel safe with armed officers protecting the public, not middle class warriors.

I find it a grave injustice and a malicious attack on the law-abiding travelling public that we were left vulnerable when a terror attack was at a ‘severe’ level.

I find it offensive that these criminals, disguised as social justice warriors, aided and abetted by Amnesty and Liberty, trot out the term ‘racism’. Who cares what race the illegal immigrants are, they’re still illegal.

Throughout the trial these criminals gave evidence that they were concerned about the ‘conditions in which the UK government enforces the hostile environment it has created’ for illegal immigrants. No, the British public require our government to keep us safe, to protect us at airports and other public spaces which are targeted by terrorists. There is no ‘hostile’ atmosphere around migration. We just want to control our borders and decide who comes here, not defend those that break into our country illegally, with the help of the human rights industry.

The criminals’ defenders also worry about the effect this trial will have on other protests ie anti-fracking, climate change, deportation or zero hours contracts. All worthy protests, if that’s what rocks your boat. But do it within the law, do not obstruct people going about their business, do not put our lives in danger for your pet projects. If you hold up flights for many hours, you stop contractors from fulfilling their daily contracts and paying their employees, that’s not peaceful protest, that harms ordinary peoples’ pay packets and business.

This wasn’t just about deportations. The group, Lesbians and Gays against Deportations were there, Plane Stupid and other protest groups. They have other agendas and enjoy a jolly good day out with their wealthy middle-class mates, this time they were stopped.

The lesbians were worried about a Ghanaian lesbian illegal immigrant woman who feared for her life because her ex-husband knew she was on her way home. Many men feel offended because their wives choose alternative lifestyles. It doesn’t entitle her to a passport.
The criminals have had a victory because the human rights industry has gone into overdrive.

It’s a victory for every Swampy, every SJW, all the great unwashed, the middle-class anarchists and the liberal left.

It’s a victory for the 11 illegal immigrants are now sitting in our jails, at huge taxpayer cost, appealing against their deportations. And the rest of them currently breaking into our country.

It’s a victory for the cash strapped and dwindling readership of the left-wing media, with no arrests for subverting the course of justice in writing and broadcasting about this on the day of sentencing.

It would have been a victory for the ordinary people, the Attorney General and the Home Secretary for at last doing their jobs, but they’ve got a long way to go to stop funding the human rights terrorists who work against keeping our country and borders safe. Perhaps the government can launch an appeal against these sentences that are not fit for purpose?

Next time you’re stuck in a traffic jam on the M25 at Heathrow or the A2 at City Airport, or caught up in a violent demonstration in central London, blame this lenient judge.

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