I Admire Diane Abbott But BBC Race and Sexual Politics Mask Her Incompetency


Janice Atkinson

I admire shadow home secretary Diane Abbott for her achievements, a girl from a grammar school who gained entry to Cambridge to read history and for becoming an MP.

I admire her for putting her son’s interests before her politics by sending her son to a UK public school (something that most middle-class people can no longer afford) and then on to a private Ghanian finishing school.

She justifies this by saying that the headmaster of her son’s then primary school in Islington couldn’t recommend any good local secondary schools (it’s a sad indictment on the People’s Republic of Islington).

I don’t blame her, she’s in good company, along with Harriet Harman (Peckham), the shameless Baroness, without-the-ermine, Shami Chakrabarti, and a whole list of other Labour luminaries who either paid, or moved house (because they can afford the stamp duty or a good catchment area upgrade) or cajoled to get their children into selective schools because of their status.

We all fight for our children but most of us are not hypocrites and are not trying to shut down the system that helped them and subsequently, their children.

And now Labour is being disingenuous again by manufacturing a ‘race row’ from last week’s Question Time (QT).

Corbyn supporting rabid attack dogs went on the racism offence after Abbott was yet again trounced on broadcast media.

I have been on QT twice and also turned down invitations to appear many times more. As the right-wing female, I did find the production team polite to me but simpering to Labour’s shadow team, Dimbleby had a charming way with the women, insisting on sitting next to me at the after show dinners — but was I worried about why he favoured women? No. Was I irritated that he didn’t give me airtime on tax, yes, but hey ho, we’ve only got 50 minutes.

Sadly, this racism row is all too predictable. Corbyn’s former lover, Labour’s shadow home secretary and poster girl of the Left, will get difficult questions on policy and Labour in general but when she consistently fails to manage a coherent answer, race is used to try and silence her critics.

Ms Abbot called the programme “the political version of the Jeremy Kyle show” and “the analysis of the programme shows that the only black woman on the panel was jeered at and interrupted more times than any other panellist”… “as a black woman in public life… the BBC should be ashamed that their programming is complicit in such behaviour”.

She wasn’t jeered at, interrupted more or the BBC complicit in racism because she is a black woman. This is dangerous and divisive politics. She is ridiculed because she cannot perform under the duress of time-limited interview interrogation and she is vying to be our next home secretary. It is her excruciatingly slow and patronising way she speaks to the public, whilst her brain searches for the facts and figures she needs, that we find objectionable, not her colour.

Last year, Emily Thornberry, Labour’s shadow foreign secretary accused the media of ‘sexism’ because she couldn’t name the French foreign minister. She wants to be the next foreign secretary.

Abbott claims that her politics is about ‘the pushback of the actual arguments for equality and social justice… now the pushback is the politics of personal destruction… it tends to marginalise the female ‘offender”.

As a female politician, this is complete rubbish, I have never encountered sexism in any interview. This is about the protection of Corbyn’s extreme Left who are not fit to govern. Many people in Labour are horrified at the Cult of Corbyn, his support for the IRA, Hammas, Hezbollah and anti-Semitism. Decent people will not sit in his shadow cabinet, he has to reward old friends who have been promoted beyond their capabilities, so when they fail like Abbott and Thornberry, don’t blame their incompetence on gender or racial politics, blame the individuals.

The likes of Momentum and the hard left create the febrile and professionally offended politics of hate where women, Muslims, black people, the disabled and trans are led to believe they are victims. They are given an ‘ism’ because there’s money and votes in the race, trans, gender and religious industries.

As for the BBC, no one can ever accuse them of racism or sexism. Turn on any programme, radio or TV, and you will find a racial or female quota, you will find them discussing identity and racial politics ad nauseum.

The reality is that the UK is one the most racial tolerant countries and the vast majority do not think of or see race. Our female population does not encounter sexism. The only time that they do is when £ signs are dangled in front of them to sue a male ex-boss ‘offender’, to get revenge or to play the race card for the same reasons.

Incompetence and brain freeze is not racism nor sexism.

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