How They Try to Stop Brexit

Pro-remain supporters of Britain staying in the EU, wear EU flag masks as they take part in an anti-Brexit protest outside the Houses of Parliament in London, Monday, Sept. 11, 2017. Lawmakers are due to vote late Monday or early Tuesday on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, which aims to convert around 12,000 EU laws and regulations into domestic statute on the day the country leaves the bloc in March 2019

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Columnists 11:24 14.01.2019 (updated 13:21 14.01.2019) Janice Atkinson

As we head to Freedom Day over the past week more daggers have been plunged into democracy. We are seeing the last thrashes of anger, resentment, derangement, hatred and lies to stop Brexit.

Just when you think Westminster cannot sink to any lower depths, desperate to stop Brexit, every trick in the book has been tried. Over the past two years “ they” have wheeled out the mad and the bad “ Branson, Obama, Blair, Major, Heseltine, and the shameless with EU funded pensions: Mandelson, Patten and Kinnock, and the EU funded CBI, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, most of the trade unions, and now with only weeks away from Freedom Day, their tricks and Brexit Derangement Syndrome is at peak fever pitch.

Remain MPs, aided by the diminutive Remainer, Speaker Bercow, were allowed to go against all Parliamentary rules and vote against the Finance Bill, aping the US Democrats, to starve Brexit of cash. Twenty faux Conservative MPs backed the Bill brought forward by Labour`s Yvette Cooper.

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Ex-footballer, turned well-paid BBC commentator and part-time crisp salesman, Gary Lineker, tweets fake NHS leaflets warning of drugs shortages post Brexit “ over 9,000 people re-tweeted. He doesn`t worry about the cancer patients, those with diabetes or other life-threatening illnesses, he`s hell bent to win a memes war in his hatred of Brexiteers. He was called a liar by the government`s own Department of Health.

The chia latte swilling, organic quinoa munching middle classes from the Metrocracy, called The Peoples` Vote, marching on their designer clad feet and pedicured toes, claimed 700k attended their rally at its march in October 2018. But it was revealed under FOI that the Greater London Authority put the numbers at 250k, aided and abetted by the BBC and MSM helicopters and print media. More lies.

Then there is the increasingly unhinged and very unsocial and undemocratic, faux Conservative, social democrat MP Anna Soubry, who complains to the legacy MSM that she is being challenged and threatened by voters. The MSM respond in equally shrill tones because they too have stepped out of their gilded caged studios, like Ms Soubry, and are on the receiving end of the wrath of the great unwashed, uneducated, uncouth, working-class Brexit voters.

Ms Soubry demands more respect for her position whilst opening screeching at her opposition on television. As a criminal barrister, she complains that being called a Nazi and a racist is a criminal act. Since when? She was filmed calling Brexiteers fascists and racists.

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt


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In an interview with SKY`s Kay Burley, she claims Brexit has unleashed these people and they need sorting out. She says after we `Remain` we need to unite the country. The fatuous love-in between Burley and Soubry is sickening. I do believe we should have a civil debate between politicians and the media, but when the MSM is so stacked with establishment Oxbridge types who are institutionally biased, I refuse to take part because my views are given mere seconds before being aggressively interrupted with, what you are really saying or hitting with machine gun fire questions against Brexit, you give up and take to alternative and social media.

In another SKY interview on harassment, Ms Soubry and Labour MP, Jess Phillips, went on full attack mode against a male commentator. You can hear the banging of fists and the shouting in order to shut down the Brexiteer.

These two female politicians give us all a bad name. They perpetuate every myth about women that is used against us – shrill, hormonal, irrational, emotional, always right, never wrong and can’t have a reasoned argument without hectoring. Let`s be clear about what they are trying to do, their outrage is fake and just dressed up to close down their opposition and persuade the British public that if they are Brexiteers, they are tainted by racism and hatred. They do this because their time is running out.

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Where is the outrage when the mainly elderly, white, male and pale middle class Remainers who have been camped out and financed outside Parliament in fancy dress, who act like deranged circus clowns and shout at the BBC`s cameras during interviews?  No, they`re praised by the anti-Brexit biased media as expressing their frustration through the democratic process of the right to demonstrate.

The language has changed. Remainer, Polly Toynbee et al start to label all Brexiteers as far right. When the far left get angry, it`s activism.

As part of their strategy, Remainer MPs now demand more police protection because they are frightened of violence. Again, this is false. But think how this plays out to voters. They have to make do with a slashed London police force, dealing with record numbers of murders and knife crime, while these people bleat about a few hurty words? These are the same MPs that agree with the Met Police wasting 800 of their own police officers time by tracking hate crime whilst sitting at their desks.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May sits next to Chancellor of the Ecxhequer Philip Hammond, and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt during an event at the Royal Free Hospital, London June 18, 2018

© REUTERS / Stefan RousseauTory Brexiteers Remain Defiant Despite PM May Surviving No-Confidence Vote

The people elect their MPs to represent their wishes and when they ignore them they wonder why there are demonstrations and marches, and now a growing UK Yellow Vest movement. The people have lost faith in our parliamentary system, the anger is palpable.

The Remain MPs blame the democratic outcome of a vote, they say the genie was let out of the bottle, we need to address the needs of the genie and the people but it`s all fake words and concern. These fake tantrums are all to stop Brexit, put the genie firmly back in the bottle and to carry on with the old business as usual, being ruled by Brussels so they don`t have to.

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