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The rebranded ambush for a second Brexit referendum

By JANICE ATKINSON  20 December 2018

Same old, same old, just this time after too many failed attempts, a last desperate outcry under a different name.

The whole concept of holding a second referendum is a dishonest attempt by the Remain campaigners who delusionally argue that those who voted Leave don’t really count. Far better to listen to Alastair Campbell, Chuka Umunna, Anna Soubry and Tony Blair, whose opinions outweigh others.

The push for a second referendum is paraded by celebrities, lavishly funded campaign organisations, and the dedication of the hardcore enthusiasts who have all helped to amplify the noise around the idea well beyond its merit.

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But if we take a better look at it, “it is tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing”.

At heart, it is a dishonest sales pitch because they claim it is not about stopping Brexit– oh no, it’s simply an endorsement of consultative democracy.

If you ask me, it rather is a perfect example of an orchestrated Democratic Deficit Disorder, where the will of the people is being ignored and their decision is being questioned.

Who are pushing for the second referendum? The organisations and politicians involved were ardent Remainers in 2016. Their official outfit is literally just the Remain campaign, trading under a new brand name.

All their arguments are simply desperate attempts to conceal a desire to get their own way.

The question that we should all ask right now is, if a second referendum is just about “the terms of Brexit”, not an attempt to cancel it, why are they so insistent that ‘Remain’ must be on the ballot paper?

These Remainiacs have been unable to accept the outcome of the referendum in 2016, so why are we now supposed to believe they are democrats, who will definitely honour the results this time round.

The 2016 was a fully-fledged people’s vote. Leave won by 51.9% to 48.1%. The referendum turnout was 71.8%, with more than 30 million people voting. The turnout is an undeniable testament to our nation’s decision: more people than ever have voted for anything or anyone else in the history of British democracy voted to Leave the EU.

Apparently, those people don’t really count– not when they are inconveniencing others more powerful than them by making the wrong decision. The Deplorables, the great unwashed, uneducated, racist, xenophobic little Englanders (and Welsh, Scottish and Irish), and not forgetting those who have already died who voted to Leave. At least the latter won’t be voting the wrong way ever again. It’s offensive, highly offensive to wish more people would die whilst dancing on the graves of those already departed.

Saying that some people’s vote counts more than others is a distorted and inhumane idea. It is to say that one can weigh up fellow citizens and find one to be worth less than another. Before, income was the greatest indicator of voting patterns, so by further perpetuating class-society we say that the wealthier are more entitled to have their voices heard than those of the working class.

Now it is the same with age. We’ve all heard the dismissal of Leave voters’ opinions on the grounds that they must be rooted in ignorance, stupidity and racism. Consider the ugly logic that underlies the claim that, because “Young people will have to live with Brexit for longer”, the views of new voters should carry extra weight and those who turned 18 in the last two years must be consulted.

Of course the young will on average live longer than the old. But what about the value the life experience of older voters? Not to mention that the ill, the disabled, and the poor will also, on average, live for a shorter time. Should their votes count for less than the healthy, the able-bodied and the rich? Of course not. What’s next? We start calculating the death rate of people before the ballot?

More generally, it’s becoming more and more typical for political arguments to pin the blame for society’s ills on one generation or another, where we seem to be viewing people of other generations not as partners but as a hindrance to solving the challenges we face.

I have even received letters saying that any young person or someone up to 35 years of age, who voted Remain are caring, considerate, want to save the world/whales/one-legged giraffes, etc. But those who voted Brexit are uncaring, sadistically inclined, and probably like pulling the legs off spiders with no heart nor soul. Apparently, they received no funds from British taxpayers’ pockets, also known as the EU gravy train.

I think the Remainiacs are like those Claire Fox described in a column for The Spectator, when she called them the Snowflake Generation, those who like safe spaces.

This is the generation that is also wracked by a superior sense of importance. They have been told by their parents and their teachers that they can have it all. Go and get a media studies degree Tarquin, yes Florian you can become a criminologist, just like those nice people on television, but he’s not told that the police service has been cut to the bone and that criminologists are being laid off.

Mrs. May’s new government needs to tell the snowflake generation that their degrees in media, film studies and singing and dancing are a waste of time, they’re extra-curricular activities and a waste of taxpayers’ money providing them as degree subjects.

Those that voted Brexit are on brick building courses, NVQs or trying desperately to get a nursing or midwifery course. But they can’t as their government has cut the grants and places.

But the second referendum campaign is already founded on a misleading premise, telling millions that their vote doesn’t really count after all, and they must think again until they get the answer right. How much worse must it get before its adherents accept the cost is too high?

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