The non Brexit deal – the government may fall by lunchtime

Guest article by Janice Atkinson MEP

May must go and go today.

No democratic nation can ever sign up to be bound by the EU’s Brexit, written by Barnier and co, which is effectively imposed externally onto the UK without any democratic control. No wonder Donald Tusk was sending out happy tweets this morning.

To be bound by the European Court of Justice which will continue to have supremacy over our laws in unacceptable. We voted to take back control of our laws, back into our Parliament.

It breaches the Conservative party manifesto. The people voted on this manifesto last year but May has reneged on that agreement between the people and her government.

She lied to the British people when she said, “Brexit means Brexit”. Those who are optimistic and believe a prime minister’s words, took that as meaning we would actually leave on the 29thMarch 2018, with or without a deal.

To have Northern Ireland effectively controlled by the EU and not the United Kingdom is totally unacceptable and is a betrayal of the DUP’s support for this government. She has done something the IRA never managed, that Northern Ireland is, de facto, joined to the Republic and not the UK.

There is no end date to the agreement which will keep us tied forever in perpetuity, we can check out but we can never leave. I believe this was Remainer May’s intention all along. She will be toppled and the next prime minister has to sort out the mess.

The UK remains a vassal state through the customs union, without giving itself the possibility of concluding economic deals anywhere else. What was the point of Liam Fox, a supposedly, an arch Brexiteer, travelling the world to secure free trade agreements?

Her Brexit minister, Dominic Raab, who resigned this morning, admits he wasn’t in charge of the negotiations. He says he will not succumb to blackmail by the EU, or does he mean his prime minister? Although the cynic in me suggests he has resigned to run for the leadership.

The EU is falling apart. Do they not see this? The populists are winning all over Europe. Their people are taking back control, fighting the EU Commission, why can’t we?

If this deal is rejected it puts Barnier’s plan and the EU into freefall. The commentators just talk about our economy, they are closely linked, they will come tumbling down too. They are cheerfully saying they have a press conference at 12 noon CET. Juncker, Barnier and Verhofstadt – I hope the Tory cabinet can wipe the grins off your faces. If they think it’s a good deal, it’s the worst possible for Britain.

We have the backing of the US in Donald Trump and his trade secretary, who I met personally last year, who assured me the same. We also have the Commonwealth. These Remain pygmy MPs, most of whom have been lawyers or never had a proper job, cannot see the great future our country could have.

The Conservative party is toast at the next General Election. They will fail to capture the Leave marginal Labour seats that they need to form a government. Added to that, they will lose the Tory held marginal Leave seats. It only takes Tory voters not to turn out for the worst possible scenarios – a terrorist supporting Marxist in Downing Street.

The once great party of Thatcher and Churchill is in a parlous state. I joined the party at aged 16 years, I left in 2011 to join UKIP, to save my country. That party too is struggling to have a coherent message, it’s MEPs and leaders are at each others’ throats. Who can lead Britain?

Let’s get on with getting rid of May, installing a Brexiteer and leaving on the 29thMarch 2019, deal or no deal.

Let’s really take back control, this time.

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