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Janice Atkinson will join Marine Le Pen on Saturday in Verdun

British MEP Janice Atkinson will join Marine Le Pen on Saturday in Verdun

Janice Atkinson MEP will join Marine Le Pen on Saturday in Verdun (Meuse) to commemorate the centenary of the “victory of the soldier and the French people” in 1918, when Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel celebrating the Armistice of the Great War 100 years ago .

“On November 11, 1918 is primarily a victory for the nation gathered and united behind its army,” said in a statement the president of the National Rally (RN, former FN), noting that 1.4 million soldiers “have sacrificed their lives for the sacred defense of the homeland. ”

“This is glory immortalized by the Verdun battlefield, the Douaumont ossuary and the Monument of the victory should be celebrated with pride,” added the finalist of the presidential in 2017 who wants to celebrate this centenary “far from the memorial roaming “the head of state.

Marine Le Pen will pay tribute to the Victory Monument Verdun at noon, before attending a banquet “of the centenary of the victory” after which she will speak at 15:00.

Janice Atkinson will pay tribute to the Allied forces who gave so much so that our freedoms would be secured.

She will say: “The real lesson to be drawn from the Great War is the danger of imperialism, as its purpose is to curbing national independence. Macron and other EU federalists are using arguments that are not only false, but outright dangerous. Suppressing national independence, in an attempt to satisfy the EU´s federal ambitions risks repeating the dark chapters of European history. The real danger facing Europe today is not the existence of nationalism, but of EU federalists attempting to build an empire yet again, to the expense of the freedom and independence of Europe’s nations. EU federalism is pushing the continent closer to the brink than ever before.”

Meanwhile, the French president and the German chancellor will travel to the Glade of the Armistice in Compiegne (Oise) for a Franco-German ceremony to commemorate the signing of the armistice that ended the First World War.

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