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Freedom of political thought is being shut down as extremism in Britain

British politics, the establishment and our institutions are taking a sinister stance against our freedoms.

The establishment has decided that if you stand up for free speech, controlled immigration, oppose Radical Islam, question certain aspects of Islam, question the transgenderization of our children, or you’re pro-Brexit and want to preserve our culture, heritage, identity and rule of law, you are branded an extremist or far right.

The Armed Forces

This week, British activist and journalist, Tommy Robinson, had his photograph taken with a group of young soldiers at a motorway service station.

All were impeccably behaved and good humoured. Nothing they did brought the British Army into disrepute.

Within 24 hours their superiors ordered an enquiry, confiscating their mobile phones and issuing a statement thus: “We are aware of a photograph and video of a group of Army personnel on social media and are investigating the circumstances surrounding this. Anyone who is in breach of the Army’s values and standards will face administrative action.”

Iman Asim Hafiz, Islamic Religious Advisor to the Armed Forces, said: “I have been with the Armed Forces for over 10 years and I know that any form of racism, discrimination or extremism is taken extremely seriously and will be dealt with accordingly”.

Who knew that we had an Imam for the Armed Forces who has such influencing powers?

Who determined that Tommy was a racist or extremist?

A petition was launched this Wednesday morning,, by 4pm over 70k people had signed, it stated:

‘We do not want our lads investigated for taking a photo with Tommy Robinson. We demand that General Sir Nick Carter call off his political witch-hunt against our troops, prepared to fight for our freedom’.


The BBC is required to be impartial as set out in rules by a Royal Charter. Yet week after week they determine what kind of Brexit debate we are going to have on their airwaves; they determine who is far right; show their hatred of Trump and deliberately misrepresent the views of ordinary people because they are infected by a liberal Left bias that has been endemic in the institution for decades.

They justify not inviting pro-Brexit people to speak because they believe that as the government’s view is to Leave, every Conservative voice is a pro-Brexit voice. What perverse logic.

When they define people as far right and are then asked to define what far right actually means, they cannot.

When their US correspondents report from the White House they all have Trump Derangement Syndrome, particularly Jon Sopel, who cannot contain his contempt and hatred of President Trump.

To watch the man spew forth his unchecked hate is like watching a mad man and not what we pay our licence fee for.

SKY News

Also has Brexit Derangement Syndrome.

Two weeks ago they too interviewed Tommy Robinson. Unbeknown to them, he secretly recorded the interview. They deliberately mis-quoted Tommy by cutting off sentences to convey him as a Muslim hater. That is so far from the truth and had they bothered to discuss his campaigns on extremism and the sexual exploitation of young girls, that would have been exposing them and the inconvenient truth of their scapegoating.

Gerard Batten, leader of Ukip, who was asked by SKY to comment on the Army situation and Tommy Robinson, said: “I am not keen to do it … they just want me to smear Tommy Robinson as far right and me too by implication … so no, I don’t need to assist your propaganda campaign.”

I turn down media all the time because I am not prepared to have words put into my mouth, when the interviewer starts … ‘you think this’, ‘you are saying’, ‘you believe’ where you spend most of the few minutes allotted to the interview arguing with the reporter rather than stating what you actually believe. This is a deliberate ploy to undermine and smear us.

There are alternative news media sites where millions are flocking. They too are in the sights of the unelected establishment, various parliaments around the world and the EU, who object to being challenged. The EU in particular objects to the freedom of the British press – Juncker and his friends are urging the curtailment of press freedom whilst uttering useless conjecture about journalists being murdered in their own rogue states such as Malta and Bulgaria.

The British press are privately owned, the state funded BBC is not.

The demonisation of us on the Right who represent millions of people are angry.

Hundreds of police officers were deployed to cover the Tommy Robinson marches, the freedom of speech days and the pro Brexit rallies this summer. They came in riot gear with their surveillance and recognition equipment. A few scuffles took place by a small number of guys, some instigated by undercover Antifa louts who had infiltrated and by a very small number of police who overreacted. Who instructed the police to turn out in such heavy numbers with their heavy equipment?

They didn’t report the peaceful majority of families, young people and women who attended.

I have had hundreds serving officers in the police, prison service, probation service, armed forces, border force personnel, all of those protecting us who swear allegiance to Queen and country who have told me privately that they support everything we do.

How has this pervasive thought and actual hate crime crept into all facets of British life? Who asked us whether we agreed to this agenda? It has been imposed upon us by stealth, partly due to the de-toxification of the Tory party, the extremists that have taken over the Labour party, the EU, the UN and the very loud minorities that are funded by outside and undemocratic forces like Soros, who lobby vociferously, to get politicians to cave in or become frightened to question their pernicious and dangerous views, thereby they become law.

We have a British Conservative party whose female ministers are fully behind five year olds being able to question their sexuality and identify as the opposite sex. Children are now in charge of the adults.

We have the National Trust spearheading a campaign to bully its volunteers into accepting their LGBT agenda; the Girl Guides admitting boys who identify as trans girls who are allowed to share bathrooms and accommodation with girls. Who asked the ordinary girls and their parents? What safeguarding mechanisms are in place to protect the girls? I have repeatedly asked the question but I have received no reply.

Our schools are dominated by left group think. Anyone who expresses support for Ukip, Brexit or Tommy Robinson is named, shamed and made to resign. Who is questioning the Marxist extremists educating our children?

The British Conservative party has run down our armed forces and is now deciding if the politics of their personnel is commensurate with politically correct group think.

They should be mindful of Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights: “This court has held that ‘nobody should be forced to have or express a political opinion in which he does not believe’”. And that goes for the police, armed forces, teachers and everyone employed by the people to keep us safe.

When the politicians in power lose the support of the brave people, democracy dies.


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