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Transgenderism: How did the West allow the extremists to dictate this arena?



We introduce our new columnist Janice Atkinson. A British Brexit MEP and Vice President of the conservative Europe of Nations and Freedom group in European Parliament, Janice will bring clarity, straight forward talking and common sense in polar opposite to the liberal Left dominating our politics. 

A year ago, I finished the first draft of a book on transgenderism. At that time, there were few people who would openly speak up about their opposition to the transgenderisation of our institutions.

Those of us who were concerned from the medical profession, to teachers, to politicians and parents were attacked physically and verbally, on social media, reported to the police and the tech giants closed our accounts because it was deemed ‘hate speech’.

Our children are being indoctrinated in schools and media by the liberal left, from the US, to Europe to Anglo Saxon nations

How did it come to this?

It starts from the Left in the battle of the culture wars – find a cause – build a lobby of activists – invent a persecution of minorities campaign – they demand TV airtime – they get sympathy from Left publications – they get cash from Left politicians and Soros type foundations and history is re-written and bullying and confusion reigns.

I wrote the book because the majority of us feel like we are living in a parallel universe of what the politically and manically correct thinks and legislates for, versus the everyday lives that ordinary people lead.

Did you know that the word ‘binary’ is a mathematical term? Yet now it is used in our culture wars, deployed as a weapon against those of us who question the variety of sexual identities we can adopt at will, like last year’s fashion trends.

Like other causes that come with a political hashtag, or indeed large amounts of funding from vested interests or the hard-pressed taxpayer, where cash is dolled out like confetti at a heterosexual wedding, industries and campaigns grow and fester, condemning the vast majority of people in the world as bigots.

Whether it’s the climate change industry, human rights industry, immigration industry, racism industry, legalisation of drugs industry, the same people are involved. Activists for each cause or they take up multiple causes, are all well-funded, aggressive and nasty bullies.

This barbarism will not resolve their psychological problems

Politicians, without our approval, are turning confused young people into victims of the new Frankensteins, the gender re-assignment industry.

First they identify a cause, usually started by a celebrity luvvie or the liberal Left. Instead of keeping us safe against terrorism, securing our borders against illegal migration, the drugs menace killing our children, organised crime, expanding employment through business friendly tax policies, etc, they take up causes that the ordinary voter has no concern with, has never thought about and will never concern them, but our taxes go towards funding extreme, marginal issues, that should be better dealt with by psychiatrists.

The culprits sit in chambers across the western world and groupthink us into submission, aided by laws passed by them. The United Nations, the European Union, the Left, the Mainstream Media, western governments, the Anglican church, have all combined to drive an agenda that is dangerous and wrong.

The debate has moved on from nature and nurture; we’re all encouraged to be gender fluid now. This creates victims. The majority of young people who seek gender reassignment have psychosocial issues, aided by the industry, that encourages them to seek sexual change, to undergo an operation will that transform their lives.

Even when the Frankenstein gender industry pump them full of hormones, chop off their sexual parts and breasts, they will continue to have psychological issues. This barbarism will not resolve their psychological problems.

A young man I know told me that he self-identified as trans in his teens and was encouraged to undergo hormone therapy with very little counselling. He is now in his early twenties and is happily gay and living with his partner. However, he is so ashamed of his body that was so altered by hormones that they do not have sex and despite imploring the people who administered the hormones and to the NHS, they have refused to help him.

A UK research medic applied for funds to conduct research into reverse transgenderism. He was refused and hounded out of his job.

It’s time for us to fight back. To take on the politicians and industry which is manufacturing and trying to make socially engineered dysfunction the norm

Let me state, I am not opposed to gay people. My mate, ‘Tranny’, as he calls himself, whose alter ego is a magnificent female, and most of his friends, call themselves ‘trannies’ and are as concerned as I am about the transgenderism agenda. The trans extremists also attack us for using the term ‘tranny’. The extremists cannot own the language.

Homosexuals and lesbians are men and women, whether you’re a gay man, you’re still a man, if you’re a lesbian, you’re still a woman. Even if you chop off your private parts, your gender is still your gender that which you were born with. I believe that the current fad for trans, particularly in our children, is empowering the child, not the adults in charge.

There will be a number of people who read this article who are opposed to gays and believe they can be ‘fixed’. I do not hold that view. Gay rights were fought for over many decades and I believe that some people have a true desire for the same sex. Their right to exist and be treated equally is established in law but this new and pernicious phenomenon, aimed at our children is a step too far.

We are not allowed to have our own views, we must applaud their courage, their victimhood and never criticise

It’s time for us to fight back. To take on the politicians and industry which is manufacturing and trying to make socially engineered dysfunction the norm.

And what is truly frightening that it is the so-called Conservative politicians across the West who are waving the right-on, politically correct flags usually reserved for the nutters on the liberal left.

In the EU, US and across the Western world we are under attack.

Our children are being indoctrinated in schools and media by the liberal left, from the US, to Europe to Anglo Saxon nations.

In EU politics, the gender brigade have a seat at every committee table – from feminising fishing, climate change and migration, to name but a few – they now have quotas and budgets to enforce their ideology.

Their ideology has spread wholesale in our institutions. From councils, schools and the workplace, the emphasis is now on the intolerance of those who do not wish to share a toilet with a man identifying as a woman or still giggle at the transgender men in their wigs, high heels and painted nails.

We are not allowed to have our own views, we must applaud their courage, their victimhood and never criticise.

The result of this is UK prisons move convicted male child killers and rapists to women’s prisons because they are self-identifying as trans. There are numerous cases of women in prisons being attacked.

In our schools, why should teenage girls going through puberty and periods share a toilet with teenage boys who self-identify?

Our nursery school children are not safe. Bristol council has invited transvestites from California into their nurseries for ‘Story Time with Trannies’. These little mites most of all should be nurtured and protected.

We have got our priorities very wrong in the West. No wonder the Jihadis see us as game

Why should women in a workplace have to share a toilet with their male colleagues who self-identify as female? If we want to change our clothes, adjust our tights and knickers in the mirror, why shouldn’t we object to doing that in front of a self-identifying man, especially those trans men who are female only part of the week?

It’s a safety issue for women as there are many male predators who will use the excuse of self-identification as a charter for attacking women.

Our strapped for cash British National Health Service funds transgender operations, whilst cutting funding for invitro fertilisation and elderly care.

We have got our priorities very wrong in the West. No wonder the Jihadis see us as game.

Of course, this isn’t really about trans ‘rights’, it’s part of the remorseless revolution aimed at erasing our traditional values and demonising small ‘c’ conservatives.

That’s why it’s been seized upon by the hard Left, who are now aided and abetted by a right-on conservative UK government, who are so desperate to be liked that they shy away from making the real case for conservatism, seeing it as too hard because they are minnow politicians, such as the former Home Secretary Amber Rudd (tipped as a future prime minister) and Maria Miller who heads up the Women and Equalities Committee in parliament.

Given the cash and resources poured into gender politics, you would think that there is a huge swell of transgender people?

I do believe that there are people with sexual dysphoria. But there is no credible scientific research that shows children really are trans. Just because behaviour doesn’t conform to rigid sexual norms does not equate to trans either. We are jumping to conclusions based on adult diagnoses.

Even the trans charities state that body dysphoria affects 0.005-0.14% of men (the numbers are even smaller for women) and most of those who they believe to be affected, have yet to come forward and self-identify to start the process of transition.

No official government figures exist. The Office for National Statistics, the official collector of government statistics, states that it currently does not collect data, but you bet your bottom dollar they have plans under the next national census.

According to onecharity, Gender Identity Research and Education Society, in a UK Home Office (government/taxpayer) funded study estimate the number of trans people in the UK to be between 300,000 – 500,000, defined as ‘… a large reservoir of transgender people who experience some degree of gender variance’. When you consider that trans and variants of, make up less than 1% of the population, there is an inordinate amount of money, laws and time taken up with this marginal subject.

I have noticed over the past few months a number of people questioning the direction of travel.

I hope I can get my book published. It was commissioned and then rejected by a US publishing house because they were worried about litigation. It is now under consideration by another. We will see.

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