No he Khant – the failures of Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London (just this week’s tally)

You have to hand it to Sadiq Khan for his output. Not the roll up your sleeves and get something done output but his public relations output.

It’s only Wednesday and already this week’s PR churn is impressive. Sadiq, our diminutive, slimy, disingenuous, spivvy politician’s initiatives can all be unpicked and exposed as spin.

“London is home to female genital mutilation brought in by African Muslims, never before seen in this country”


His political activism started the week with attacking Brexit. He claims he speaks for the UK when talking about Brexit. His remit is supposed to be London.

He claims to have London’s best interests at heart by trying to stop Brexit and peddling the lie that London needs open door immigration. London does need immigrants but the highly skilled first and then those who are lowly skilled where the jobs cannot be filled by Londoners. And only then on a time limited visa.

He claims immigrants have contributed greatly to London life. He’s right in some ways. We would not have the diverse restaurant and cultural scene in London. Our NHS would collapse if we did not have immigrant workers (it’s also a failure of successive governments not to have invested in our young people who want to work in the medical profession).

“Londoners believe his cut of 900 officers being paid to sit around looking for hurty Tweets is contributing to violent crime”

Immigrants run our transport system, as they have done since the Windrush generation in the 1950s. Immigrants are employed in our social care system because our government treats our elderly as second class citizens and in the £s committed to their care.

We also train our youngsters to believe that they can be TV stars/DJs/actors through useless singing and dancing courses, where, in reality, they’re likely to earn £9k per annum or serving in fast food restaurants. They would be better directed to health and social care.

London has been swamped with immigrants. Swamped with immigrant beggars, drug dealers, immigrants driving down wages for ordinary Londoners, immigrants making the housing crisis worse and driving up prices, immigrants using public services which means Londoners have to queue for GPs/hospitals/schools, public transport is over crowded and immigrants and their second generation are driving our astronomical crime rate.

Immigrants brought TB back into our country and other diseases like Monkeypox which has never been seen in this country. Immigrants have brought their extended families and imported spouses so that they can live in immigrant ghettos, failing to live and integrate with the London community.

London is home to female genital mutilation brought in by African Muslims, never before seen in this country. That is the reality of uncontrolled immigration.


The grandstanding Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, proudly announced yesterday that the little children of London should be taught about the war zones of countries around the world.

Yet, he’s selective in the countries they should be taught about. Those living in Syrian refugee camps, the Central African Republic and Iraq.

Rather than getting little children to write letters to the Prime Minister, as the campaign advocates, which in reality is political activism, our children should be encouraged to come together in school assemblies to offer their thoughts and prayers.

At Christmas my children were encouraged to make up shoe boxes containing practical gifts and a card, they didn’t need to be taught the political spin through Marxism’s eyes, which is the standard of teaching in our schools these days when led by NGOs and charities that are political ideologues.


Today our dwarf of a Mayor launches his Violence Reduction Unit.

He thinks the causes of violent crime are many years in the making but does not address the astronomic increase since he took office.

The Violence Reduction Unit has been allocated £550k but there is no detail, with the chairman of the London Assembly Police and Crime Committee, saying there was a “worrying lack of detail” about the plan. Which is par for the course for our Khant.

Khant thinks it’s a public health issue. No it isn’t, it’s a law and order issue. It’s a parenting issue and an uncontrolled immigration issue, where third world practices have been brought to the streets of London.

I’d like to ask why he’s got 900 police officers dedicated to people being hurt by words. Why are 900 highly trained officers sitting behind computer screens stalking social media for people offended over ‘hostility, prejudice and ideologies’ when he claims government ‘cuts have consequences’. Londoners believe his cut of 900 officers being paid to sit around looking for hurty Tweets is contributing to violent crime.

Khanage’s London crime numbers:

100 murders so far this year (116 in 2017)
A third of London’s victims have been aged 16-24
16% increase in knife crime – 1300 stabbings to end of April, 250 knives and sword seized in just one week, 283 people arrested, many of them teenagers
By August stabbings were reported on a daily basis, 63 deaths so far this year
8% increase in violent attacks
9% increase in rape
25% increase in bike thefts
2.1% of Londoners mutilated by FGM (4.1% in the high immigrant borough of Southwark)
2,000 acid attacks in last three years, mostly in immigrant areas in London

No wonder Khan’s nickname twitter hashtags are #Khant and #Khanage.

London’s chief spin doctor should step down from all Mayoral roles and concentrate solely on crime. Not spin, not Brexit, not war-zones, just crime.


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