Independent MEP Explains What Would Happen If Brexit Isn’t Delivered On Time

Sputnik spoke to Janice Atkinson, Independent Member of the European Parliament to find out more about the policy of the British government on Brexit.

So Prime Minister Theresa May issued a plea for unity in an opinion piece in the Sunday Times newspaper, calling on Brexiteers to “trust me to deliver.” “I will not let you down,” she wrote… Janice, taking this plea into account as well as last week’s rebellion in the house of Lords, should the British people trust Theresa May?

Members of the British military's 4th Mechanised Brigade parade through central London to attend a reception at the Houses of Parliament, Monday, April 22, 2013. The soldiers recently returned from six months serving in Afghanistan's Helmand province.

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Janice Atkinson:
No because we don’t know what she stands for. It’s been two year since we voted to leave and we haven’t heard from her [Theresa May] what she actually believes in. I read this piece in the Sunday times and I think she has a reason to be optimistic… she doesn’t actually realize how powerful she is; there are basically two scenarios to go forward and deliver the Brexit that 17.4 million people voted for. One, she can just walk away and revert to the WTO rules and trade as an independent sovereign country, or we can do that and give the EU notice and go to WTO rules and they will quickly produce a free trade deal. They have to economically; the EU is fighting for its very survival. They’ve got elections in exactly a years’ time for the EU parliament and the parliament will come back in a very different makeup because all over Europe and the EU countries are rejecting the federalism that the EU stands for. She [Theresa May] is in a very powerful position to get her cabinet onside and deliver Brexit that we voted for.

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