Janice vs the EU establishment: Macron, Syria and the Russians

This week in the Strasbourg plenary we discussed Syria, Russia and Jupiter, the supreme god of the sky, thunder and lightning, also known as President Macron, graced us with his pleasure.

The Syria and Russia debates were back to back with just a handful of MEPs in attendance, and the majority of those were in the chamber because they were due to speak.

One after the other, we heard one minute of the same rhetoric. The evidence for bombing Douma was irrefutable; it was the right thing to do; it wasn’t about regime change, it was about saving lives.

Then we had the debate on Russia. Well, I call it a debate, we had some non-entity from the Commission standing in for the laughingly called ‘High Representative’, Mrs Federica Mogherini, who was flying off somewhere to give the world a piece of her diplomacy and intellect. The EU is blessed to have this recycled communist, over promoted, gender quota woman, so much so, that the socialists said she should be given more power. That’s like giving a child control of air traffic control. Lethal.

The Commission non-entity stated that we must do more to combat the Russian threat, fake news, implement the Minsk agreement, defend Ukraine, defend Crimea. We must tell the Russian people we support them.

Wait a minute, did I dream that I was in Moscow just a couple of weeks ago as an international observer of the presidential elections when Mr Putin won an outstanding majority?

At least some of the MEPs had the good grace to point out to the Commission non-entity that this was the same old talk from the Commission where we have been hearing the same words and no action for years?

When it was my turn to speak, I pointed out that there was no conclusive proof that chemical weapons were used in Douma or Salisbury. They were determined to have an economic war with Russia, while Russia was striking strong geopolitical alliances around the world.

This is also about gas. Qatar, Iran, Russian and Syria have pipelines running through to the West. The US wants some of that market.

I cited the renowned, British, veteran war correspondent, Robert Fisk, who had entered Douma a few days ago. He found no evidence of chemical weapons. He found instead women and children who had been hospitalised by hypoxia from the dust where they had been living underground, as troglodytes, in tunnels created by the Army of Islam. More fake news.

We are living in truly dangerous times when bombing of sovereign countries are done on a whim and a prayer from social media sources, NGOs with politically funded agendas and the need for politicians to look tough in the international community.


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