Story of a Brexiteer in Washington: We are trying to Make Europe Great Again!

When I visit the US, I always feel I am amongst friends, even with some Democrats, but my last trip at the end of 2017 was rather challenging in some respects and heartening in others.

They were so wedded to Hillary and Obama and their liberal left elite world in which they all inhabited until Brexit and the election of Donald Trump.

My last visit was to D.C. for three days travelling with the European Parliament’s US Delegation to discuss trade, defence and foreign affairs with politicians on the Hill. It was challenging for my MEP EU federalist friends, who are trying to be diplomatic about President Trump.

They were so wedded to Hillary and Obama and their liberal left elite world in which they all inhabited until Brexit and the election of Donald Trump. I am always out of step with my federalist EU colleagues. Being the only Brit on the trip, and a Brexiteer, I tend to offer an alternative, reality based view of the EU super state, which is a popular view on the Hill.

My US friends are seeing the election of parties in the EU that have similar beliefs to Trump – sovereign nation states, borders, controlled migration, defeating jihadism, pro-Israel, free market principles, whilst protecting jobs, freedom identity and culture.

The highlight of the trip was meeting Secretary of State for Commerce, Wilbur Ross. Over lunch he reconfirmed to me the very special relationship with the UK. He said ‘when negotiating a Brexit deal with the EU, don’t take a poison pill for a deal’. He’s right. He criticised the EU for its protectionism, red tape, bureaucracy and regulations.

This is the message that UK prime minister Mrs May must heed. According to many Republicans, she is capitulating to the diminutive Luxembourgian non-entity, President of the EU Commission, Mr Jean Claude Juncker, embarrassing herself and us on the world stage, when she has the support of the US (their words, not mine). They’re right.

I explained to my friends that as long as the EU has Mrs Malmstrom, an unelected gender quota, former liberal sociology lecturer in charge of trade at the Commission, the EU will be incapable of negotiating as she doesn’t know how.

We discussed the immigration crisis. My EU colleagues called for the US to take their fair share of responsibility for the migrant crisis which is dominating our politics. The answer was ‘it’s not our problem’. Slightly shocked, they asked in another way. ‘What about the causes of migration?’. Again, a blank response, so I helped with the interpretation.

What my colleagues were saying is that the US should be taking their share of the millions of economic migrants knocking on the EU’s door. That the US has to take responsibility for man-made global warming that is driving the migrants out of their countries (exiting the Paris climate deal was very naughty), you too could let 50,000 (EU figures) potential jihadis into your country, just like we have. And they really hated the executive orders stopping certain countries exporting terrorists.

We also discussed the US’s fantastic tax cuts. Is this wise, asked my EU colleagues? Tax cuts will add to your deficit and should be spent as we spend, ie unaffordable green taxes, vanity projects such as gender quotas, transgender nonsense, regulating our hairdryers and vacuum cleaners so that it takes twice as long to blow dry your hair or clean your house and overburdening private enterprise with high corporate taxation and not trusting families to spend their money in the economy. No, the EU knows best. Your stock market highs, your amazing growth, your economic confidence, your high employment rates, this is all short termism. Shocking stuff.

In another meeting (Obama/Hillary supporting pen pushers), I warned of the march of the Marxists in my country and in the EU. One elderly wag (a Polish MEP) said, oh, we don’t worry about Marxists. This from a woman who had lived under communism and sits in Merkel’s so-called conservative alliance. I’m worried about the Marxists occupying the British Labour Party and the communists and alt left that sit in the EU parliament. But this bunch are social democrats, not conservatives.

They worry more about the populists, my friends who are winning elections. If I have one criticism of my US friends it is their misunderstanding of the left in Europe. Bernie Sanders is as near as they get to the mild left in our countries. Bernie’s on par with Merkel. A McCain supported think tank worried about the rise of populism and said the left needed to regain their losses to beat the populists. Incredible.

We discussed defence, Syria, Russia, North Korea, China and Venezuela. I told the new US administration that they will not be able to take the EU seriously on foreign affairs because there is another gender quota woman with the silly and trumped up title of ‘High Representative’, Mrs Mogherini, a recycled communist, someone who has been given the job because her husband was an Italian socialist politician. A woman that’s been promoted beyond her capabilities and doesn’t understand geopolitics, let alone the new world order.

I suggested that the US just deals with the individual nation states’ defence and foreign ministers. And that brings me onto Defence. The EU Army is a threat to NATO, not complimentary as some think and indeed promoted by the EU. Many said to me it will be ok because the army will be used to secure the borders. No, I said to my US friends, it will be used for vanity interventions in Ukraine, Africa and the Balkans, with designer uniforms, their own flag and anthem, shiny new HQs stuffed full of highly paid apparatchiks.

They are incapable of securing their borders and are wedded to the open border free movement of people Schengen area, abandoning Dublin rules which states an asylum seeker must claim refuge in the first country in which they arrive. Their army is about building a super state, without borders, common taxation, regulations, red tape, gender, multiculturalism and millions of migrants to undermine the nation state, our identity and culture.

I left by saying, “keep up the good work in delivering on your election promises President Trump, we are trying to Make Europe Great Again by draining our swamp, but it sure is difficult”.


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