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Independent MEP Janice Atkinson Urges Boris Johnson To Act Now To Prevent Human Catastrophe In South Africa

Independent MEP Janice Atkinson Urges Boris Johnson To Act Now To Prevent Human Catastrophe In South Africa As ANC Prepares Constitutional Change To Seize Land And Property From White Property Owners

Warns SA Could Become New Zimbabwe Or Rwanda Under ANC Plans

Independent MEP Janice Atkinson has demanded that Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson puts pressure on the South African government to prevent constitutional changes, which could pave the way for the ANC government’s seizure, without compensation, of property and land.

Such moves, she warns in a letter to Johnson today, are imminent. They threaten to turn South Africa into another Zimbabwe where Robert Mugabe’s government ruthlessly and often murderously seized property belonging white settlers and farmers. She adds that such seizures could even be the precursor to South Africa descending into a Rwandan nightmare of genocide and ethnic cleansing.

In her letter  Janice says: “The British government has a duty to South Africa because of our cultural links, trading partnership and because it is a Commonwealth member. It is our duty to step in and mediate.

“For far too long the hard Left of the ANC has been taking control. Their policies are increasingly shaped by the Marxist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) because they are losing votes to that Party’s hatred, divisive racism and its promise to under-educated South Africans that will be well if they simply take white peoples’ farms and businesses.”

Janice has been fully briefed on the developing crisis by leading members of the Freedom Front Plus Party (FFP), including Chief Whip Dr Corne Mulder who is an architect of South Africa’s post-apartheid constitution. The FFP is committed to defending the constitutional rights of Afrikaaners,

Janice said: “Scandalously the European Parliament has refused my repeated requests for a debate on a situation. If this were happening in other countries, the EU would properly regard it as a humanitarian catastrophe in the making. Because it is South Africa the EU chooses to turn a blind eye.

“It is clear is that imminent constitutional changes in South Africa will enable the government not only to seize land belonging to white farmers, but also to expropriate businesses, homes as well as  conservation projects in the Kruger National Park.

“The world must open its eyes now to what is happening. If it does not it will have blood on its hands for not acting to prevent what will, tragically, be an entirely predictable catastrophe. Hand-wringing after the event will not be good enough.”

Yesterday in South Africa Dr Pieter Groenewald, leader of the FFP, warned that ANC amendments to an EFF Parliamentary motion to amend the Constitution to allow for expropriation without compensation raised fundamental questions about any form of private ownership of any property in South Africa.

He added that the assertion by the ANC and the EFF that the principle of willing buyer/willing seller was a hindrance to land reform would encourage President Cyril Ramaphosa to use every mechanism at the State’s disposal to carry through his plan of land expropriation.

He said: “I am telling every person in the country that the ANC and its opposition partners will amend the Constitution in this regard. They have a two thirds majority and once the Constitution has been amended, your property can lawfully be taken away from you without compensation.”

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