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My article in Hungary’s biggest conservative newspaper, Magyar Hirlap.

Viktor Orban goes to the polls next month, here’s my piece supporting him, wishing him electoral success, on immigration and the state of EU politics.

In English below:

New winds, or a tsunami in the EU?

My Hungarian friends, we are continuing to fight an unprecedented crisis, mainly of the EU’s making – the illegal and forced migration of millions of people who want to live and work in our countries.

I have long admired Viktor Orban and have supported Fidesz in Parliament against the ideologues who wish to destroy our countries’ identities, culture and way of life through forced mass migration from alien cultures.

Some countries, like the UK, have a long history of welcoming and settling migrants, mainly Christian and English speaking and real refugees. The numbers were tolerable and mostly integrated well.

We also admitted large numbers of non-English speaking Pakistani Muslims where there has been a lack of integration where whole towns are inhabited by people who have excluded themselves from our society. This is a language problem but also a cultural and religious one. It is also a numbers problem.

Our Muslim population is set to triple in 30 years, according to the projections from the highly respected US Pew Research Centre. Under their model, the number of Muslims in the UK would rise to 13m in 2050 (it is currently 4.4% in a population of c.66 million). Islam is already the number two religion in the UK.

Due to multiculturalism, forced upon us by socialist Tony Blair, they do not speak English, despite having lived in the UK for decades and allowing Radical Islam to flourish and fester. Saudi Wahibism and hate preachers have infected young lives. Western Europe has paid that price in terrorism. Hungary, you do not want this problem.

When I was elected in 2014 we had no idea that millions of migrants were going to break into our countries. Borders were porous and Dublin regulations were being ignored.

We knew for years that the human rights industry (charities and NGOs) were advising migrants to abandon their paperwork when claiming asylum, so the country of origin could not be proven. Quietly, the EU elites, allowed hundreds of thousands of people to walk into our continent.

If MEPs raised the subject of controlled migration we were told there was no problem and that we were nasty racist, xenophobes, or worse, fascists. We had to welcome refugees and their families (they never used the word ‘migrant’).

In the spring of 2015 I visited the migrant camps in Greece with LIBE, the EU committee that deals with migration and security. I witnessed human trafficking, prostitution, drugs and gang warfare based on religion and ethnicity.

The leader of our mission, was Hungarian socialist, Peter Neidermuller.

At an NGO briefing he said the EU message would be that the borders would be opening soon (they had been closed as an emergency measure, finally) and all would be welcome.

Asking the NGOs what would happen if he gave this message to the migrants in the camps, they replied ‘there would be riots and that he was irresponsible’. The migrants were already setting fire to the camps that were housing them – at our expense.

Neidermuller also controlled the EU approved media travelling with us, posing for happy photographs outside migrant camps and only he spoke to the media. A one-sided story.

I also visit Calais in France on a regular basis, where c.10,000 migrants had been living in camps, all trying to break into the UK, illegally.

In Greece and France, I spoke to many migrants about why they had travelled across so many countries to get to the UK. Nearly all admitted to being economic migrants and in search of a better life.

Some were ‘fleeing war’. I called these fit young men cowards for leaving their women folk behind. I told them to go back and fight for their country’s freedom, like my father did on the Russian convoys in WWII.

Then, in mid 2015 Mutti Merkel tore up the Dublin protocol and opened her country to 1.2 million migrants.

Across the EU the same was happening, including the Dutch, Swedish, Belgians and others who participated in this collective act of madness and against the will of the quiet majority of people who opposed this.

Then the people revolted with the rise in popularity of the so-called ‘populist’ parties across Europe. The AfD in Germany, Italy’s Lega Nord, Marine Le Pen, Geert Wilders, the Swedish Democrats, the FPO in Austria, and many others.

Suddenly the language used against us in the Parliament changed because the ruling elite saw their voters’ anger. We were now ‘populists’.

In one year 1.82 million arrived. We were also experiencing terrorism on a huge scale across our capital cities, some by those who had sneaked into our countries unnoticed through unmanned borders and the open Schengen system.

We witnessed the wholesale rape and sexual assault on our women over Christmas and New Year in Sweden and Germany. Where police forces, government and the EU covered up these atrocities. Swedish cities became the rape capitals of the word – and under the first ‘feminist government’.

The people had had enough. At election after election, across the EU the old order of the elites was coming to an end.

First came Brexit. I have campaigned for over 20 years for my country to leave the EU and on 23rd June 2016 we achieved that historic vote. One of the main issues for voters was uncontrolled immigration.

In the Netherlands Geert Wilders’ PVV party became the official opposition with a 67% increase in parliamentary seats. A brave man who has constant threats on his life from Islam. Imagine that Hungary?

In France, Marine Le Pen, took 33% of the presidential vote to become the official opposition to Mercurial Macron. That country is in a state of emergency because of the continued terror threat, imagine that Hungary?

In Germany, Mutti cannot form a government, the socialists under the odious Martin Schulz had their worst ever result.

In Austria, my friends from the FPO, are in coalition government with the conservatives (EPP), who too had shifted to the common sense Right.

On 4th March we will hopefully see my friend Matteo Salvini from the Lega Nord become Italy’s prime minister in coalition with the conservatives (EPP).

Yet the EU ignores this trend at its peril.

So, what is the EU elites’ answer to the migration crisis?

We gave €6bn of EU taxpayers’ money to Turkey. When the first €3bn was handed over I asked Martin Schulz, the then president of the Parliament, if there was an audit of how the money was being spent, he said there was not.

Another solution – which we proposed two years ago – was to process people in Libya to stop the people smuggling and migrant deaths. But of course, who was instrumental in deposing Ghadaffi in the Arab Spring? The EU, President Sarkozy of France and the UK’s David Cameron. Ghadaffi was not an ideal president but he kept order and the migrants out. Now we have chaos, smuggling and death.

Another solution is to help poor African countries with a ‘wealth fund’. The EU keeps Africa in poverty through aid and regressive trade policies. Most aid ends up in the ruling despots’ Swiss bank accounts, I call that a wealth fund.

Another solution by the EU is forced migration on EU states. Mutti now expects you to do your duty and accept the murder and mayhem she is responsible for.

You have rejected that imposition and now you are being taken to court. They will win, you will be sanctioned. They hate your walls, Hungary. I think you have acted correctly to keep your people safe and to shore up your external borders. Stand strong.

How do you oppose this?

The current make-up of the political parties in the EU doesn’t reflect EU countries’ nation states votes over the past year. It is dominated by the socialists and the German led EPP, which Fidesz forms part of.

If you want to see real change and control then you have to unite the Right.

If you unite the ECR, ENF and some in the EFDD groups, you will have a powerful force for real change – your rule of law – not the EU’s, controlled migration and borders and changing the agenda so that it reflects the people’s will and not the globalist liberal elites which is the current make-up of the EU. We are on the right side of history.

Good luck, Mr Orban, our continent needs bold leaders like you.

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