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South Africa reaches Austrian media

EU silent on impending “political chaos” in South Africa

By shysociety –
February 17, 2018

A pro-Brexit MEP has accused the European Union of shutting down debate on the political instability in South Africa, warning the country could “descend into chaos” after the 2019 general elections.

South East England MEP Janice Atkinson says due to the legacy of Nelson Mandela it has become “ideologically impossible” to question the future of the Rainbow Nation, including its human rights abuses and the lack of rule of law. Back in November, on returning from a trip to South Africa, Janice formally requested the European Parliament debate the human rights atrocities and political situation in a country which is just 15 months away from going to the polls.

“It was declined,” the co-chair of the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) group tells Shy Society. “I turned to my colleagues and said: ‘This place tries to pride itself on upholding human rights and the rule of law but unfortunately the Parliament only recognises certain countries’ human rights when it is safe to condemn individual countries or persons for political reasons.’ Sadly, thanks to the unfortunate legacy of Nelson Mandela, it is too difficult and ideologically impossible to question its future, its human rights abuses and the lack of rule of law.”

The Independent MEP went on: “As the ANC loses support, many of their supporters are chillingly turning to the Marxist Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) who advocate wholesale nationalisation, black empowerment by seizure of land and assets and violence against the whites and other minorities.

“On my last visit I witnessed ‘Black Monday’ where farmers came together to protest against the brutal murder and torture on farmers, their families and their workers – both black and white. These brutal killings, some encouraged by Marxist political leaders, are truly horrific. Yet no real statistics are kept by the government and numbers are disputed by the state against the victims. One thing that isn’t debatable is the rape epidemic – with 41,000 reported in 2015/16. What South Africa and the EU’s Sweden have in common is they are at the top of the league table as the rape capitals of the world.

Janice, left, during the recent discussion on MEGA TV

“I toured the townships, the winelands, went on safari in two regions, toured the Cape and spoke to many people, black and white. All are very afraid (yet optimistic) about their future. One woman I met lives in a one room shack with her three grown-up sons without running water or a toilet, and still votes for the ANC because it is the party of Nelson Mandela. Her faith is interesting, but I am not sure the dream of the Rainbow Nation living together in peace has really reached her or the murdered farmers.”

Janice adds: “I saw wonderful projects where vineyard businesses were housing, educating and employing whole families from the townships. Many of my drivers were young, ambitious family men who were grateful for the opportunities afforded to them. This is black and white working together. But that could all change in 15 months’ time.

“If this country descends into chaos in 2019 the winelands will be lost, tourism will dry up, the eco systems of the coast, sea and the conservation projects in the safari lands will be destroyed. Everything that the EU says it holds dear will descend into another Zimbabwe, but worse – will they be able to stay silent on the issue then?

“This week saw the resignation of Jacob Zuma with Cyril Ramaphosa being elected President. The British media are still ignoring the brutality behind Zuma’s reign. When they talk about a new beginning for South Africa and how Ramaphosa promises to restore the rule of law and justice, no one mentions the details of the farm murders, rapes and general lawlessness. I hope that he can turn the country around because he has 15 months before a General Election when it will be too late.”

In a monthly discussion show with Janice on newly launched Make Europe Great Again TV, Flemish republican politician Gerolf Annemans said: “It is a systematic murdering of white people in the framework of a Marxist concept about ground and territory and it is awful and appalling and the European Union should see this.

“South Africa is a hopeful country – the only thing that is lacking is a governance that the country deserves and if the European Union can’t come to the moral conclusion that they should press this regime to change then the European Union shouldn’t exist.”

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