Last night in Calais, do we want these murdering, lawless thugs in our countries?

Below is an account from one of my colleagues of what really happened last night in Calais:

– Several fights, with iron pipes and even guns, happened in Calais’ “jungle” yesterday. Right now, according to leftist associations, around 800 illegals live there (600 according to authorities);

– Brawls mostly involved Eritreans against Afghanis;

– Looks like it started around 3.30 pm with an Afghan shooting on 4 Eritreans near a food distribution point. All 4 are severely wounded and may die from their injuries. A huge brawl followed, with 30 Arabs VS around a hundred Africans.

– Then, another fight occurred 5 km away around 4 pm. Around 20 Afghanis were assaulted by 150 to 200 Eritreans, equipped with iron pipes. Afghanis were protected by the police;

– Last, a third fight in the end of the afternoon, roughly the same thing than the second one;

– Overall, there’s officially 22 people injured, 4 severely. 2 Policemen are also lightly injured;

– According to the AFP, the fact that there was guns indicates it could be linked to smuggler networks;

– It looks like a war of influence between Africans and Afghanis. Both want to control what they claim to be their territory. A safe territory for a community means access to food distribution, to parking areas when people can try to get into trucks to cross the border;

– Obviously, leftists claim it’s because of the violent police.

These are young, fit economic migrants.  They have left their women folk behind, they are also cowards. I have seen them rioting in the migrant camps in Greece, Calais is no exception. There are rival gangs split along religious, race and criminal factions.
We do not want these people in our countries.  They have committed crimes, are part of criminal smuggling networks, they should be arrested and deported.
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