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Sack The Bolton Wanderer and Put Farage Up Front As Lead Brexit Negotiator

My take on the Bolton Wanderer, press release:

Sack The Bolton Wanderer and Put Farage Up Front As Lead Brexit Negotiator, Urges Janice Atkinson MEP.

Nigel, Our Country Needs You

Independent MEP and Original Brexiteer Dubs UKIP’s Turncoat And Discredited Leader An Unemployable “Fool and Hypocrite”.

Janice Atkinson Independent MEP, original Brexiteer and former UKIP member, has called on race-row leader Henry Bolton to stand down immediately so that Nigel Farage can take the helm as the lead Brexit negotiator.

She denounced Bolton,54,for belatedly ditching his 25 year old lover Jo Marney over her vile racist tweets about Megan Markle, calling him the “biggest distraction to the Brexit process”, and a “fool and not a moral man”.

She said: “Bolton, as a former Lib Dem, should never have been made leader of UKIP. He is now cynically claiming to have ditched Miss Marney. This is plainly a tactic to try and save a job he should never have had, and cannot not afford to lose, since he is unemployable elsewhere. I suspect the relationship remains on hold.

“As a man who has previously walked out on three wives and two babies, this Bolton Wanderer cannot be called a moral man. This latest episode with a girl half his age who continues to make a fool and an idiot of him is further proof of that. His presence as UKIP leader – or even a member of the Party – is the most damaging distraction to Brexit

“As far as Ms Marney’s revolting racist utterances on Prince Harry’s fiancée are concerned, I find it inconceivable that she didn’t share them with Bolton before they were exposed by a newspaper. Yet it was only this disclosure which had him rushing first to condemn her blatant racism and, when that wasn’t enough, to dump her. He is a hypocrite as well as a fool.

“Aside from the ludicrous and shabby sideshow of his love life, Bolton as a one-time Lib Dem has proved himself incapable of making the ideological leap to UKIP policies.

“This was grotesquely clear when he recently went on national radio to defend international law which he believes prevents the UK from stripping returning Jihadist fighters of their passports.

“He must go – and go now for the sake of the UK and of Brexit. His continued presence is a sick joke which gives succour to the Remainers.”

“The only people who can credibly replace Bolton as UKIP leader are those who have left the Party – Steven Woolf, Diane James or me. In the meantime, the UK desperately needs Nigel Farage at the forefront of the Brexit negotiations to keep the Remainers and appeasers at bay. Nigel should re-take the helm, if not as leader, then as chief Brexiteer.

“Nigel, your country needs you.”

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