Janice Atkinson Calls For Deportation Of Dating Site Bomb Plotters Who Planned UK Christmas Carnage

Janice Atkinson, Independent MEP, Calls For Deportation Of Dating Site Bomb Plotters Who Planned UK Christmas Carnage

‘If International Law Still Claims We Can’t Then Tell Them We Can’

Independent MEP and Brexiteer Janice Atkinson has called for the immediate deportation of an Islamic terrorist couple who met on a Muslim dating site and bought the deadly ingredients for a deadly Christmas bomb at ASDA.

The Jihadi couple, Munir Mohammed,36, and Rowaida El-Hassan, 33, were convicted this week of plotting a massive bomb explosion to strike at Christmas 2017. (sure it was 2016 – they were arrested December 2 or 3 2016)

Mohammed was a Sudanese illegal immigrant-turned-asylum-seeker who arrived in the UK on the back of a lorry four years ago. He met El Hassan, also originally from Sudan, who was raised in the UK after she arrived at the age of three and who obtained a degree from University College London, on the dating site – singlemuslim.com – supposedly looking for love.

The court heard that within weeks of meeting they were exchanging barbarous beheading videos and using online sites and message boards to plot a terror attack using the using chemicals and explosives known as the “mother of Satan”. Under the guidance of an ISIS state commander they  also plotted to poison food using the deadly ricin chemical.

Judge Michael Topolski warned the couple – described in court as “ideological soulmates” – to expect long sentences in UK jails.

But Janice said:

“It is a monstrous affont to justice, security and British tolerance to do anything with this murderous pair other than to deport them. They should not be kept for a day longer than necessary in the relative comfort of a UK jail where, at vast expense to the taxpayer, they may well poison other minds.

“Munir illegally smuggled himself into the UK before preying on our pathetically weak and liberal asylum system. El-Hussain, brought up and educated to university level by the UK, rejected all the values of a society which welcomed and nurtured her. Instead she sought to murder masses of its citizens.

“The home secretary should immediately begin the process of stripping them of their UK citizenship and deporting them to their original countries. The UK, having once offered them sanctuary, compassion and tolerance, now has no responsibility for what their fate may be in the future – as long as it does not affect the safety of our citizens.

“Whatever international law may say about deporting citizens without dual nationality we as a civilised nation, defending our culture, heritage and citizens, have to demonstrate zero-tolerance to this pair and to other Jihadists now incarcerated in our jails.

“Some claim, quoting the 1997 Convention, that is against international law to deport citizens without dual nationality. I, and others, do not believe this is the case under the British Nationality Act 1948 since the subsequent 1997 Convention on statelessness was never ratified by the United Kingdom (see below).

“Whatever the case, Brexit Britain has to be at the forefront along with our friends in the rising populist parties in Europe and the USA of making clear changes to ensure that international law makes clear the rights of a nation to deport those whose actions threaten its citizens’ lives and values.

“Making clear that everyone knows that citizenship is a privilege which can be withdrawn as well as bestowed will send a powerful message to migrants trying under false pretences to get into our country, and to those already granted citizenship and who subsequently vilely abuse it.

“Without this, the UK and other Western nations will see the jihadist threat to its citizens’ security and way of life to spiral totally out of control.”


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