London Needs A Mayor To Kick Out Fiddler Khan And Save Lives

London Needs A Mayor To Kick Out Fiddler Khan And Save Lives

Janice Atkinson, MEP and Londoner, On The Shameful Failure of Sadiq In Letting Knife Killers Take Over The Streets

For Publication/ 4 January 2018

“Sadiq Kahn has failed in what should be the principal duty of the Mayor of London – keeping its citizens safe. The scandalous number of 80 individuals murdered in the city’s rising tide of knife crime in 2017 shames our capital. It should be the epitaph for Khan as the Mayor who surrendered too many streets to criminals and killers.

“The statistics are truly horrific. Including deaths and serious injuries, knife crime has risen by 30 per cent since his election in while in the same period violence against the person, sexual offences and robbery have risen by 24%.

“Khan’s response has been the modern equivalent of Nero fiddling while Rome burnt. Rather than ruthlessly tackling issues of life and death, he instead occupies his mind and our money with politically correct, liberal-left transgender nonsense, feminist rhetoric and the censoring of advertisements. At the same time he seeks to ban the President of the USA, our greatest ally, from these shores.

“Ironically, it is to the USA – and to New York – in particular – that London should now be looking. It desperately needs a mayor like New York’s Rudy Guiliani. A Mayor who truly cares for the concerns of London’s citizens and voters and who would rein in its police chief and ensure that fighting real crime was made the top priority.

“He or she would put an end to the liberal left police agenda of hunting online trolls, investigating so-called ‘hate crime’, and creating witch hunts around the low level irritation of men allegedly touching women’s knees or suggesting an unwanted drink after work.

A strong Mayor would connect instinctively with the voters’ real concerns and end the endless waste  of valuable police time and resources on these politically correct diversions.

“Key to the next Mayoralty must be for the incumbent to give full backing to the Met to do what it does best – fight real crime. Central to that would be getting police back on the streets and ending the Khan lie that “bobbies on the beat” are not the answer.

“The Conservative party needs to get an effective ‘Mayor in Waiting’ in place now. Someone who isn’t afraid to take on Kahn head to head on the issues that matter. Someone who will campaign on the Mayor’s appalling record on crime and his deception of the voters through meaningless spin and pious political correctness.

“The right Conservative candidate, not some left-over Cameroonian time server, can confound the pundits who peddle the belief that London is lost to the Right because of demographics. 

“’London – Great And Safe’ could be just the winning campaign slogan. It would be a life-saver for London.”

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