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Janice Atkinson, Independent MEP, Calls In Police Over BBC TV Broadcasts Showing Campaigners Dining Out On Illegal Drugs Dealt by Restaurant

Independent MEP for South East England, Janice Atkinson, has reported a campaigner for the legalisation of cannabis to police after he openly consumed cannabis at a secret fine dining restaurant in a BBC broadcast.

Rob Davidson, chairman of the Brighton Cannabis Club also boasted on BBC2’s Victoria Derbyshire programme and on BBC1’s Newsbeat that the police had “very little interaction” with the activities of his 400-strong group – despite cannabis being a Class 2 illegal drug.

The BBC footage showed pony-tailed Davidson taking a BBC correspondent to a secret restaurant where Brighton Cannabis Club members regularly dine on food specially infused with cannabis. The footage was part of a BBC investigation into the case for legalising or decriminalising cannabis.

Janice, who is the author of a major new book exposing the myths and lies which surround the non-enforcement of drugs laws in the UK and Europe, said:

“I have reported Rob Davidson to Sussex Police for his illegal antics which the BBC was irresponsible enough to broadcast.

“I have also told Sussex police that the same film showed offences of dealing in cannabis. Assuming that members pay for their cannabis-infused meals, then the restaurant must by definition have been engaged in dealing when, on camera, it sold its drug-riddled meals to cannabis club members.

“Both the recreational use of and the dealing in cannabis – a Class B drug – is illegal. Yet is was condoned by our national state-funded broadcaster who saw fit to put the footage out to an audience including millions of young people.

“This is a scandalous state of affairs. Both as a mother of four and as a politician I want to know why police and politicians are allowing our drugs laws to fall into mockery and disrepute with such tragic consequences for the rising levels of addiction in the UK.

“Thanks to their inactivity in enforcing the law, and to powerful and media-savvy lobbying groups advocating legalisation of cannabis, thousands are being lured into drug addiction as it if were a legitimate lifestyle choice instead of a criminal activity.“People have to realise that today’s cannabis is not the hippy dippy weed of the past. Ninety per cent of what is consumed under the guise of cannabis in the UK is high potency skunk bringing with it the real risk of serious mental illness and sometimes death. It is also proven to be a gateway drug to further substance addictions”.

“The time has come to enforce the law as it stands on drugs.”


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