Millennials voted for Clinton and Corbyn because of our biased education and media

In the UK and US recent elections have shown that there is an innate bias in our education and media which has infected our children’s minds, so much so that Trump – promoter of conservatism: jobs, lower taxes, immigration and small state – just managed to win against all the odds and prime minister May scraped back in after a disastrous general election.

Trump received roughly 37% of the millennial vote.

The Brexit vote also showed a disparity between older voters who were in the majority for leaving the EU and those younger voters who voted in the majority to remain. Only 36% of millennials turned out to vote but of that number, 70% voted remain.

One year on, the millennial vote was mobilised. In the UK we narrowly missed electing a Marxist who had a magic money tree for free university tuition; a 73% tax levy for higher earners; higher corporation taxes and an open-ended cheque for education and the NHS (a bottomless pit). Whilst in the UK general election, Marxist Corbyn received a huge 60% of the millennial vote.

The Left are so entrenched in our education system that the ‘educated’ believe that austerity had hit our services and therefore socialism was the answer. It never occurs to them that we cannot live beyond our means and we should cut our national debt. In Brexit we were up against the EU PR machine which has a budget bigger than Coca Cola, and vested interests in our education system, which they believe it is funded by the EU.

Much of the Right leaning commentariat agree that we on the Right are not making the case for conservatism.  The Right is floundering to make our case for lower personal and corporate taxes, small state and personal responsibility.

This is because in schools and universities the liberal left are brainwashing our children with their own intolerant views. It is unacceptable to think that Donald Trump is good for America, or that Brexit would open far more opportunities, that to support conservatism is rather weird and selfish but to support Nigel Farage’s UKIP is racist, xenophobic and fascist. If you voted Brexit because you were worried about jobs and infrastructure, you were uneducated extremists.

Even glossy magazines for adults are permeated with such an overt bias on the gender agenda, LGBT, Islamism and promoting Leftist politics as the only sound way to think and vote. I accept the commercial media must live or die by their words but I am using them as an example of how the educated Left is also dominating our media.

In a recent report by the right leaning, free market Adam Smith Institute, they found that the left bias has been creeping in since the 1960s http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/2017/03/02/eight-ten-british-university-lecturers-left-wing-survey-finds/ with 8/10 lecturers being left biased.

The authors of the report, titled “Lackademia: Why do academics lean Left?” urge universities to tackle the issue of ideological diversity among their staff, in the same way that they seek to increase gender, class and racial diversity.

It warned that “ideological homogeneity” within academia can have a number of adverse consequences, such as “systematic biases in scholarship; curtailments of free speech on university campuses; and defunding of academic research by right-wing governments”.

I know from my friends’ children who are currently at university who fear expressing their own opinion would mean being downgraded. Those of us from the Right are being prevented speaking at some of our world class institutions because our views do not match and we would be invading their safe spaces.

When it comes down to it, it’s the ordinary people (without university degrees and not indoctrinated by left media) versus the educated, who know better. But what does ‘educated’ actually mean?

It means they have been brainwashed with the views and assumptions of their teachers, indoctrinated with bias, where challenge is seen as extremist.

Capitalism is bad, market failure is bad so we must enforce change via higher taxes, curb boardroom pay, higher minimum wages, thus putting ever more barriers to trade in the way of profit which pays taxes and wages. Public sector failure is good, the more we fund it the better it will be. Don’t worry the rich 1% will fund it.

Environmentalism is good. Our children are forced to write essays in French language lessons on how recycling is good, rather than how great French culture is. Environmental taxes are good, renewables are good, cars are bad, man made global warming is killing us all and the cuddly little animals. If you are an academic who challenges this view then your grants are cut and your EU funded peers attack you. If we query why pensioners and the poor have to pay green taxes, you are sneered at. A heretic.

The support of equality is good. Who doesn’t think that? Yet, they push their agenda even more. The EU recognises 67 varieties (and continuing to invent more) of gender and anyone that doesn’t acknowledge that is bad. Gender neutral toilets is good, boys wearing skirts is good. The feminazi doctrine has so permeated their narrative that you have to accept gender quotas in our military, boardrooms, politics and public services. Women are oppressed and must be released! One example is a report from the EU entitled: ‘Gender equality in times of inequality, crisis and austerity: towards gender-sensitive macroeconomic policies’. Yes, the ‘educated’ wrote this, probably graduating with a degree in gender studies from a former low grade polytechnic, now called a university. The EU’s gender equality committee (large budget, no dissent) is funded by taxpayers to churn out this tripe.

In the UK last year, at its annual conference, the National Union of Teachers (NUT) vowed to drop lessons in “fundamental British values” for pupils. This is how far we have come. We have opened our doors to cultures that are undermining our identity and culture that not to teach fundamental British values is dangerous.

It is incumbent upon our government to overcome such nonsense.

Unless we get a grip on what is being taught and by whom in our schools, universities and our state funded media, we will be consigned to a new version of Clinton or Comrade Corbyn.

And as for us campaigning conservatives, what is our role? To challenge at every step – our children’s teachers, lecturers, to make the case for conservatism.

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