Nasty Party strikes again

It amazes me when the Lib Dem nasty party hits out at rivals as the silly boy James Willis did during the GE17 campaign.

This boy was happy to hijack the successful ‘Axe the Tax’ campaigns that I devised and ran for the Conservatives and Ukip against the Dartford Crossing tolls.

The last time I saw the boy was when the idiot joined us on one of the gantries over the A2 leading up to the tunnel.  Armed with a vuvuzela (mostly used by a barmy army of football followers), he proceeded to distract traffic with his lunatic, irritating and dangerous blowing of this ridiculous instrument.

Told to stop, he refused.  It was only when the police popped by and told him he was a very naughty little boy that he stopped.

Amazing that he claims on his website that he ran the highly successful campaign to stop the Dartford Crossing being privatised. Silly boy, it was Tories Adam Holloway and Gareth Johnson who consistently highlighted the economics of Axing the Tax and meetings with transport ministers that led to the barriers being lifted.  It was also Ukip who continuously campaigned against the tax that also helped.  So it is typical of a Lib Dem boy to claim otherwise.  http://www.sevenoakslibdems.org.uk/2017/04/local-lib-dem-dad-stands-up-for-the-people-of-gravesham/

He says he has ADHD. Is it this ‘condition’ that compels him to jump up and down and protest at my campaigning during the GE17? Claiming I am whipping up anti immigrant feeling when Gravesham voted Brexit? I have many Sikh friends in the area, considerable numbers who voted Brexit and who were quite rightly ‘concerned about immigration’ as James suggests. Yet, it is not his open door immigration policies that the Sikhs are voting for. They want us to take back control of our borders and have a fair immigration system.  Perhaps that’s why Gravesham remained blue?

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