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Janice Atkinson MEP Welcomes President Trump´s Withdrawal From The Paris Climate Agreement.

Janice Atkinson, independent MEP for the South East of England has welcomed President Trump’s decision to pull the USA out of the Paris Climate Treaty.

She was a leading figure among a group of MEPs who called on the President to help shut down the climate change industry by pulling the USA out of the Paris treaty which the open letter claimed was an example of politicians “virtue signalling with other peoples’ money”. Janice and other MEPs from various EU nations claimed that for all the costs it had imposed on taxpayers, the Paris treaty had exerted only a “trivial” effect on global climate.

Today Janice said: “We led the way, the President of the United States backed us. Now others should do so too. This is a great example of what the Right can do when it gets its act together. Globally we c ensure that the mainstream views of voters across the world are reflected in the acts those they elect. Power is moving fast away from the elected elites and the lobbyists who dance to their tune.”

President Trump’s decision fulfilled a key campaign promise to supporters to curb the influence of the climate change industry, the burdens  it placed on taxpayers and the damage it caused to traditional industrial jobs in the mining and other industrial sectors.

Janice, who sits with the Europe of Nations and Freedoms group of MEPs in the European Parliament, was one of the first MEP’s to support President Trump publicly and the first British female politician to do so.

Janice has been firm in her stance on climate change, in 2016 she publicly supported British conservative politician, Tim Yeo who campaigned for a third runway at Heathrow Airport making it one the world’s most central hubs for imports and tourism.


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