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Marine Le Pen – A French President Who Would Ensure a Fair Brexit Deal For Britain

Marine Le Pen, the French Presidential candidate, today spelt out her full support for Brexit which she believes will be in the best interest of both the UK and France.

Marine, who is through to the final round of elections on 7th May, made clear that, if elected as President, she will be fully committed to an independent UK and a strong relationship between the two nations.

Specifically on three key areas of the Brexit negotiations, Marine has pledged her support to work in the interests of an independent UK within the context of a beneficial and mutually supportive between Britain and France.

ON TRADE: – she believes vital interests for both France and Britain will be best served through the two nations pursuing a commitment to many areas of mutually beneficial trade agreements and cooperation.

ON BORDERS: – Marine reiterated that cross border agreements between France and the UK should remain in place post-Brexit. She believes that closing France’s borders will make Britain a safer place with migrants seeking to break into the UK no longer having free passage through to French ports which they can then use as an easy springboard into the UK.

ON UK CITIZENS LIVING IN FRANCE: – she will support those UK residents who have chosen to live or work in France, as part of reciprocal arrangements with the UK which will guarantee existing property and residency rights.

Janice said: “Marine Le Pen as President would be a true friend of an independent Britain.

“Her vision is for France as a dynamic friend of Britain, keen to continue the ties of old and to work together creating a brighter, more prosperous future for both nations.

“Hers is the new voice for an empowered France which fully recognises the rights of an independent Britain to remain a good friend of France as a sovereign nation.

“I urge Mrs May’s government and all Brexiteers to throw their weight behind the campaign to put Marine in the Elysee Palace as a true friend of the new Britain.”

Editors’ notes:


  • If she becomes the President of France, Marine will offer the hand of friendship to Great Britain and support the historic connections between the two ‘old allies’.


  • She has also re-stated her intention to hold a Referendum in France in the event of France’s renegotiations with the EU failing to deliver the change she believes the majority of French citizens want. In that event she would offer the nation the opportunity to vote for its own Frexit.


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