Letter to The Spectator: The Rescue Racket (human rights industry)


Nicholas Farrell is absolutely right that the aid agencies are colluding with the people smugglers.

I sit on the EU’s LIBE committee – human rights,migration, etc, where I continually raise the problems of the ‘human rights industry’ and, having visited many of the Greek migrant camps and been to the Calais jungle on numerous occasions, I have seen this collusion at first hand.

I have confronted the UNHCR, various aid agencies and Doctors Without Borders, discussed the people trafficking with the migrants and MEPs who refuse to listen. From Mrs Merkel’s EPP MEPs, UKIP’s partners, the Five Star Movement to the extreme left, they all believe that migrants are refugees and not economic migrants. The young, middle class women from Five Star openly state that ‘we should build a bridge from Africa to the EU’. The EPP are no better. When I call for the aid agencies to lose their EU cash, I am treated with disdain and called heartless. When I call on the cash to be redirected to destroying the people smugglers and their boats, they raise their eyes to the hemicycle’s rafters, where I rather suspect they would like to hang me.

Yours faithfully

Janice Atkinson MEP

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