Janice calls out her own MP for not supporting Art50 and Brexit

Rob Neill MP
Member for Bromley and Chislehurst

Dear Bob

As you know, I live in your constituency which voted for Brexit.

Please do not go against the will of the people. You do not know better. You may be educated a little better than some of your constituents but that does not give you the right to subvert their will because you do not believe they are able to weigh up the pros and cons of Brexit. Ultimately, you would like another referendum to reverse the decision as you believe your constituents voted the wrong way and when, lo and behold, the scales fall from their eyes, they will vote the right way instead. It will not happen. I have campaigned on the streets of your constituency and know they want to leave the EU.

Please do not try to amend the bill in any way. Art 50 should proceed without impediment.

A thought for you.  I attended the EU’s Conference of Presidents representing my group, along with the other political leaders, including Syed Kamall, leader of the Conservatives in the EU.  Michel Barnier and Guy Verhofstadt, Brexit negotiators, were all in agreement that negotiations should be concluded six months before the 2019 EU referendum as the negotiations cannot overshadow the rest of the EU getting on with its business.  I agree with them. You are seeking to pull the wool over your constituents’ eyes by telling them that negotiations can continue, they cannot.  For the first time, the EU will have to get its act together. As President Trump’s advisors have told me, the City and Wall Street negotiate deals in a few months. I agree. However, when we have an EU Commissioner in charge of trade who is a former green/socialist sociology lecturer from Sweden, that takes years to negotiate trade deals with other countries, that’s all you need to know about the EU’s trade negotiating abilities. However, I think they will ditch her.

You know full well the pro arguments for reverting to WTO rules if we cannot reach an agreement that benefits the UK, it will not damage trade. You also know that the EU’s businesses are lobbying their EU leaders to do a Free Trade Agreement deal with us. Indeed, some leaders have broken away from the 27 EU bloc, to back a Free Trade Agreement. So it will happen, and without the sociology lecturer.

I am in the EU week after week, challenging them and I know what goes on behind the scenes. You are deciding not to listen to your own government’s negotiators.

Please do not lie to your constituents about your motives. Your sole motivation is to keep us shackled to the EU.

Yours sincerely,


Janice Atkinson MEP
Vice President, ENF Group
UK’s Senior Member of the EU-US Delegation committee

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