Independent MEP Janice Atkinson Lambasts Outgoing US Ambassador For Meddling And Attempting To Undermine Brexit


The outgoing US Ambassador to the EU, Anthony L Gardner, has urged MEP’s to work actively against Brexit and said that the UK should at very least accept that a “hard Brexit “ would be wrong.

In an extraordinary intervention, made in his outgoing address to EU-US Delegation of MEPs from all political parties, Ambassador Gardner claimed that both the Brexit and the Donald Trump presidential campaigns had been “extremist and xenophobic”.

Speaking in Strasbourg, he went on to say that he viewed the Farage vision of an independent UK as being “inconsistent with UA and EU values”.

And in a remarkable parting shot, President Obama’s Ambassador said he was returning to his London home actively to campaign against any hard Brexit for the UK.

Janice Atkinson, Independent MEP for South East England, was among those in the US-EU delegation who heard the Ambassador’s speech.

She told Ambassador Gardner that she had been proud to be the only female UK politician to support Trump’s campaign and that senior Republicans and a majority of Americans were in favour of Brexit. They were baffled, she told the Ambassador, as to how the UK had ever given up its ancient sovereignty.

She also warned him that the British didn’t like to be told what to do by and that his return to London to meddle and campaign against Brexit would have the same effect of boosting Leave sentiments as did President Obama’s pre-referendum intervention.

Speaking after the Ambassador’s speech, Janice said: “This was an extraordinary and disturbing example of an ambassador from one of the world’s great democracies publicly and actively seeking to undermine both his own and our UK democracy.

“Instead of accepting the will of the people in the USA and the UK, Ambassador Gardner is seeking actively to undermine and subvert the clearly expressed will of the American people in electing President Trump and the British in voting for Brexit.

“At the same time we have the UK ambassador to the EU privately telling the Prime Minister that Brexit negotiations could take ten years. This is another scandalous example of unelected ambassadors trying to dictate and influence police without any popular remit to do so.

“Is it any wonder people across the democratic world are in revolt against political establishments whose politicians, apparatchiks, ambassadors and those who serve them have so little interest in what their voters tell them?


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