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Janice anticipating another great year for democracy and end of EU


Janice Atkinson (ENF). – Madam President, tomorrow you should reflect on what a great year it has been for democracy: Brexit, the election of Mr Trump, and the great work done by our Austrian friends in their presidential elections. Let us not forget the Ukraine referendum in the Netherlands and the ‘no’ vote against Renzi in the Italian referendum.

And the best is yet to come. In the UK and in the USA, the people are taking back control. You hate referendums and would rather have them banned here. Fortunately, we have an exciting year coming up, full of general elections. In March, we have the Dutch elections where Geert Wilders is likely to become Prime Minister; in April, we have elections where Marine Le Pen is likely to become President; and in September, the Alternative für Deutschland will continue its rise in Germany.

The people are rejecting your asylum and migration policies. They don’t want EU trade schemes; they don’t want EU armies, nor your obsession with gender and windmills. None of your plans will survive the coming years, because the peoples of Europe have had enough. Democracy will prevail. You condemn the populists, but you’re happy to consort with communists and extremists on the left.

However, I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a very good New Year.

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