Janice comments on the outcome of the G20 Summit

Janice Atkinson, on behalf of the ENF Group . – Madam President, at the recent G20 meeting my Prime Minister, Theresa May, expressed the UK’s determination to once again be a global leader in free trade. Now that the UK will soon unshackle itself from the EU, it will be able to reach out to its Commonwealth partners, which it could not do before, because of EU restrictions. Africa kept in poverty by aid from this place will instead be able to trade freely again with the UK. India and Australia, representing major markets, have already shown their interest in a free trade deal. China, another huge market, is equally ready to look into a free trade deal with my country. If even a tiny country such as Switzerland has a trade deal with China, then surely the UK can have one as well. And it will. All the while the EU has no trade deal with major markets around the world. You exclude Russia because of your stupid sanctions. I hope my country reopens trade negotiations with Russia and we will continue to have a good relationship with it.

The EU dictates the trade policies of European countries and, unsurprisingly, with meagre results, unless you believe that the few deals that it has managed to negotiate with countries such as Morocco, Papua New Guinea and Algeria are game changers. Of course you do have your secret TTIP negotiations – and how is that going, by the way? Your friend Obama tries to push through TTIP, and that mostly serves the interests of multinationals. It does not serve the people. TTIP will end up in the bin, as the French and German Ministers have already publicly announced that it is dead in the water.

I am not gloating over these failures, but I do want to point out that the EU has a bad track record and has failed the peoples of the EU. Member States have their hands tied behind their backs because an unelected Commission is deciding for you. I bet the UK will have a trade deal with all major economies across the globe before the EU and yes, even with the USA. Obama will soon leave office and a new US government will be more than happy to sign a trade deal with the UK, just like the rest of the world.

Debates – Tuesday, 13 September 2016 – Outcome of the G20 Summit (debate)

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